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Close Protection and Security Conference 2022

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On November 12, the Close Protection and Security Conference 2022 will take place at the Victory Services Club, London.

Lasting from 10 in the morning until 10 in the evening, the event promises to help security professionals network and learn with colleagues. The Close Protection and Security Conference 2022 features more than 30 companies and many more exhibitors and sponsors, including:

  • AHNA Group,
  • Sentinel Risk,
  • Armatus Risks,
  • Airvis,
  • ATACC Group,
  • Blackstone Consultancy, and others.

In a professional and secure environment, close protection and security professionals are going to meet and socialize over drinks and at workshops. Additionally, the event will provide the following:

  • Guest speakers,
  • Presentations,
  • Charity raffle, etc.

In the past, roughly 350 people attended the event annually. Yet, the organizers expect this year to be busier than usual. In fact, they credit this to the current pandemic and the need for people to interact and collaborate more tightly.

Currently, 75 tickets are sold as an “early bird” promotion of GBP20 plus the booking fee. You can order your ticket here. As for their refund policies, they accept such requests up to 30 days before the event.

Other Relevant Details

Concerning those eligible to participate, the Close Protection and Security Conference 2022 invites people of all nationalities and backgrounds, including:

  • Family team leaders,
  • Newly trained CPOs,
  • Security consultants,
  • Hostile operators working in Afghanistan,
  • Family chauffeurs, and
  • Surveillance professionals.

No matter your level of experience or training, this opportunity is likely right for you and your company. Even if you only have as much as a wish to become involved with the industry, this event could be the right chance to get on board.

Finally, the organizers offer sponsorship opportunities for drinks and lunch. At any rate, we suggest booking your spot now and enjoying one of the premier events in our industry!

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