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Close Protection World 2021 Conference

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November 13th, 2021, sees the return of the prestigious networking event, Close Protection World. The event boasts exhibitions from insurance, accountancy right up to tactical field equipment. Close Protection World 2021 will host a full day of presentations, guest speakers, exhibitors, workshops, charity raffles and presents an unrivaled informal opportunity for networking and recruitment. 

The event will also hold a sponsored lunch and round off with a drinks reception in the evening sponsored by Westminster Security. The raffle proceeds will also go to two charities very close to our hearts, MacMillian and Combat Stress. 

Close Protection World was forged in early 2007 when founders John Morrison and Malcolm Ord noticed an increase in online forums popping up. So one late May evening, Malcolm rang John for a chat. During that conversation, the topic of online forums began to emerge, and the security industry came up. 

Malcolm informed John that he had seen a new online platform connecting people globally called ‘Facebook.’ They realized that there was nothing online that was specific to the security spectrum. Thus, the idea for the Close Protection World came to life.

They jumped straight in, purchased the domain, and set up the forum that became the bones of today’s event. They created the forum so that people within the security industry could network and share information for free in a friendly and professional environment allowing the users to build and contribute to the strong community we have today. 

The Origin of the Live Event

Word caught on about the forum. Hence, John (known online as Covert Munkey) and Malcolm (aka Mally) quickly saw the numbers organically rise from 50 to 40k+ within ten years. 

The Google search engine results were through the roof. Therefore, they decided it would be a good idea to incorporate a live event. The first one saw 100 people attend at the Union Jack Club. But as time progressed, so did the live events. Slowly attracting sponsors and evolving into the professional and prestigious event we see today! 

Over time, industry tech giant Google pushed the social platforms. Hence, keeping up with a billion-pound company seemed ridiculous when John and Mally could use the resources the giants had created instead. 

So over the past six years, Close Protection World evolved with the times and migrated its users over to Facebook groups and pages. Then came WhatsApp, offering end-to-end encryption on information sharing, and the groups we know today were born. 

The forum itself is still live, and security professionals reference it to this day! And the Close Protection World 2021 conference is no exception.

“It is extremely humbling that the Close Protection World brand, which originated over 14 years ago, continues to attract support across the entire spectrum of the security industry. Our 2021 networking conference in November is a must-attend event for all members of the security sector regardless of experience.” – John Morrison.

Sponsors and Exhibitors at Close Protection World 2021

The exhibitors and sponsors who confirmed their attendance include:

  • Armatus – Risk Security Solutions,
  • JDL Security Services,
  • Westminster Security,
  • KSS,
  • CJ Protect,
  • Gatekeeper Protection Operations, 
  • ISS Training Ltd,
  • Exclusively Private, 
  • Samaritan Protective Services (SPS), 
  • Alchemy Global,
  • Longmoor Training & Security Services,
  • Real First Aid,
  • Olive Group,
  • GoPC,
  • Morrison Memorabilia, and
  • W&co.

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