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Expodefensa 2021

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November 29 to December 1, 2021
Bogota, Colombia

The International Defense and Security Trade Fair is the leading hub for defense and security in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its second and more catchy name is Expodefensa 2021.

It offers unparalleled exhibition opportunities. In fact, security experts perceive it as one of the best places to check out the latest gear. The most notable benefits of Expodefensa 2021 relate to:

  • Technology development and innovation for security and defense forces,
  • A large spectrum of professionals, from public bodies to private operators,
  • Exchange meetings between clients and manufacturers,
  • Demonstrated Eurosatory know-how with the best defense and security exhibitions requirements,
  • Many official delegations, networking, and business meetings,
  • Promotion of the national industry, particularly of Colombia’s small and medium-sized enterprises.

During three exciting days, Expodefensa 2021 promises to help stakeholders expand their business opportunities in a region with high demand for equipment and innovative technologies.

Other Relevant Details For Expodefensa 2021

The event’s organizers emphasize three main advantages for taking part in this exclusive event in Colombia. These include:

  • Doing business,
  • Enhancing the participants’ international visibility, and
  • Unveiling their technologies and innovations.

If you decide to take part, you can run into more than 13,000 professional defense and security visitors from 34 countries. Furthermore, official ceremonies, receptions, tailor-made workshops, and other happenings make the event more alluring.

The organizers offer exhibitors the chance to present their products and services in the official catalog online for two years.

As for who can exhibit at Expodefensa 2021, their website mentions a few categories of exhibitors:

  • Prime contractors and subcontractors who are developing international and specific products or processes for Latin America security and defense needs,
  • Service providers,
  • Laboratories and institutes,
  • International organizations, institutions, and public bodies, and
  • Media.

An interesting fact of this world-renowned event is that exhibitors can choose to exhibit alongside other companies from their country! This happens within respective national pavilions.

All in all, fill in your admission request here as soon as you decide to participate!

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