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Live Webinar on Protector Symposium 3.0

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February 12, 2021, at 3:00 AM
Place: Online

From the renowned EP professional Byron Rodgers, the Protector Symposium 3.0 is a live training event in Orange County, California, planned for March 11-14, 2021.

During the live webinar that serves as an announcement, the host will let us in on what the Protector Symposium 3.0 is all about. The information available so far is that it will comprise in-class learning and optional hard skills training sessions.

As the organizer has revealed, five of the world’s most distinguished subject matter experts will join the participants, including:

  • Tony Blauer, founder, and CEO of Blauer Tactical Systems,
  • Tom Kier, combatives expert and master instructor in Sayoc Kali,
  • Tim Larkin, founder of Target Focus Training,
  • Jason Johnson, champion knife thrower, combat knife fighting instructor and educator, and
  • Yousef Badou, founder and CEO of Emergence LLC.

Some of the topics for this event include self-defense, threat detection, and combatives.

During this live webinar, he’ll discuss how the Protector Symposium 3.0 will benefit parents, teachers, and first responders. Also, he will focus on professional security, proactive citizens, as well as self-defense and martial artists.

Other Details

The short schedule published online includes the following points:

  • Why the world needs more protectors,
  • Official announcements of the Protector Symposium, and
  • Event details and special pricing opportunities.

Speaking of pricing, this live webinar is entirely free of charge and is open to everyone with an internet connection. It’s one of those unmissable and invaluable opportunities for EP professionals.

Pro tip: The famous Byron Rodgers is also the owner of the much-praised Executive Protection Lifestyle podcast.

To put the cherry on top, both the webinar and the ensuing Protector Symposium 3.0 are geared for people of all skill levels and backgrounds. In other words, you don’t have an excuse to miss out on this happening!

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