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Guest Authors and Content Partners

  • Kevin Dye

Senior Manager, Executive Protection, Procter & Gamble

  • James Hamilton

Senior Vice President - Director of Protection Quality, GDBA

  • Steven Keller

Manager of Global Security Protective Services, Meta

  • Caleb Gilbert

Global Security Management Professional

  • Chuck Tobin

Chairman and President of AT-RISK International, Inc.

  • Pablo Ortiz-Monasterio

Co-Founder, AS

  • Daniel Weil

Chief Executive Officer at SCS

  • James Cameron

President/CEO, Security Concepts Groups

  • Jared Van Driessche

Director of Global Security, Private Company

  • Stylianos Kazakeos

EP Manager, Melco Resorts and Entertainment

  • Ami Toben

Author, consultant, operator, security director

  • William Presson

Director of Global Protective Services, Oracle

  • Anton Kalaydjian

CEO & Founder, Guardian Professional Security

  • Lee Odess

Access Control Expert

  • Brandon Shafikhani

CEO of Samaritan Protective Services

  • Michael Guirguis

Founder & CMO at Raven Medical Support Group, Medical Director UHNW Private Family Office

  • Heimo Grasser

Chief Awareness Strategist, SAME Solutions

  • Alan Saquella

Professor-College of Business, Security and Intelligence, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

  • Lee Brandon

Physical Security Professional

  • Thomas Pecora

Senior Consultant, Arcuri Group

  • Justen Keating

Director of Asset Protection & Family Security, Fellow for National Security with The Rainey Center

  • Trevor Canfield

Executive Protection Manager, Procter & Gamble

  • Ben Rakhman

President/CEO of Body Armor USA & VIP Global Security

  • Matthew Porcelli

Security Manager

  • Denida Zinxhiria Grow

Founder and CEO of Athena Worldwide, Athena Academy and Nannyguards

  • Gerardo Corona

Director, ProRescue Mexico

  • Adam Scholl

Private Security Professional and Instructor

  • Robert Kaiser

Founder/CEO, PPSS Group

  • Mark Richards

Manager Executive Protection and Event Security, Westpac New Zealand

  • Michael Trott

Senior Advisor, Global Security, Discovery Land Company

  • Justin Hanson

CEO and founder of SpecVIP Protection Group Inc.

  • Diana Elkin

Founder and Managing Partner, Method Intelligence Ltd

  • Allan Perry

President/ Founder at Veterans Covert Protection Group

  • Dr. George DeBusk

Founder and Owner, Aspitha

  • Spencer Coursen

Threat Management Expert | Founder, Coursen Security Group | Author, THE SAFETY TRAP

  • Radoslav Savkov

Personal Protection Specialist, Oxford Protecton Services

  • Adam Taylor

Managing Partner, Kinetic Intelligence

  • Adam Green

Operations Director of Security Services, PPS Group

  • Chris Story

Senior Consultant, Anomaly Management Services

  • Ben Zeifman

Vice President, Protective Security Division, Gavin de Becker & Associates

  • Hector Robles

President Latam, VP Global Operations, FirstCallCSS

  • Adam Bardwell

Supervisor of Security Operations, Global Rescue

  • Charles Randolph

Senior Director of Operations, AT-RISK International, Inc.

  • Kevin Palacios

Owner, Latam Protection Services (Ecuador Security)

  • Timothy Gill

Founder/Vice President, Specter Security Group, LLC

  • Michael Julian

ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Program Creator and Lead Instructor

  • Damien Scott

Chief Operating Officer, Bedrock Special Projects

  • Garrett Ludke

Global Security Leader, Executive Protection

  • Jerry Jacobs

Protective Services Operations Manager, Genentech

  • Christian West

Executive Protection Architect and Entrepreneur

  • Mac Segal

Founder, AHNA Consulting Group

  • Josh Reeve

Chief Security Officer, Empire Protection

  • Chris Grow

Managing Partner, LeMareschal

  • Tony O'Brien

Managing Director of Security Operative Consultancy Services and Elite Risk Services

  • Jerry Heying

President and CEO, International Protection Group

  • Eduardo Jany

Executive Officer - Global Security, Bloomberg LP

  • Martin Nielsen

Founder, 3D Executive Services

  • Ivan Ivanovich

Partner and VP, WSO - Worldwide Security Options

  • Philip Grindell

Founder & CEO, Defuse

  • Craig McKim

President / Chief Networker, Maverick Protection Group

EP Wired Team

  • Heléna Csomoss

Editor-in-Chief & Marketing Manager

  • Mihaela Dumitrascu

Social Media Manager

  • Katarina Ćehić

Content Writer and Editor

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