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Armed Robbers Broke Into Eran Zahavi’s Home in Amsterdam

The wave of assaults and robberies of footballers and their families in Europe continues. The most recent victims is the family of PSV Eindhoven’s striker. On Sunday, armed robbers broke into Eran Zahavi's home in Amsterdam and robbed his...

The Residential Security Plan (RSP): In House or Contract Out?

The age-old question in security is, do we conduct business with in-house assets or contract out? The debate is endless, and each option has its pros and cons. There are thousands of companies that provide residential security for private...

Residential Security: More Than Just Preparing For Unwelcome Guests

As professional risk management consultants, we are often tasked with estate security for clients. This can range from providing a risk assessment and recommendations to providing comprehensive solutions for the property and those residing there. This can be both...

The Evolution of CCTV Security

Executive protection agents need to have sharp vision and keep their eyes on the environment at all times. Of course, it's nearly impossible to do it 24/7. And here is where CCTV security enters the frame, as an ideal...

The Biggest Workplace Risks and Safety Hazards

No matter the office dynamic, there are some workplace risks that employees face on an almost daily basis. If you’re the one in charge of securing the whole office and making sure that all the right security procedures are...

6 of the Most Shocking Cyber Espionage Attacks Ever

Cyber espionage attacks have been gaining a lot of popularity in the last few years, but why is that exactly? Well, for start, depending on their size and the targeted company, they can end up costing someone a small...

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Concentric Circles of Protection in EP

The art of protecting people is much more than dark sunglasses, a black suit, a tie, and an earpiece....

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