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Global Increase in the Convergence of Private Security and Government Security Operations

In recent years, the collaboration between private security suppliers and local law enforcement has seen a significant increasing trend, driven by various motivations. Many countries around the world consider the private security industry to be a “fourth” emergency service....

A Crash Course Into Executive Travel Risk Management

In the last few years, we’re seeing more companies getting into executive travel risk management. But what does that mean for your career and what skills do you need to sharpen to get ahead? Well, since doing executive travel risk...

Maritime Security and Executive Protection

Everything seems to be under your control when you are working on the land. You have vehicles available to escape any dangerous situation. There is likely a hospital nearby if you need it for yourself or your principal. Lastly,...

Travel Risk Assessment – A Beginner’s Guide

The first step to ensuring your employees are safe and sound abroad or during a business trip is to produce a decent travel risk assessment. If your company's workers are supposed to travel to high-risk countries, then recognize that...

The Dangers of Maritime Piracy Today

Even though the days of black flags showing skulls and crossbones are long gone, maritime piracy remains a crime with serious consequences for the shipping industry and the global economy. More importantly, piracy still takes a huge toll in...

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Interview with Patrick Kane: Navigating the Close Protection Conference

The Close Protection Conference stands as the pinnacle event in the protective security industry, drawing practitioners from around the...

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