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ep wired sponsorship program

EP Wired helps you exchange experiences, share know-how, and tell the story of your brand while connecting to the leading minds in the executive protection community. But now you can do even more with the EP Wired Sponsorship Program!

So far, we have made it possible for you to:

  • See what’s happening in all niches of executive protection,
  • Get industry news from events and trainings worldwide, and
  • Meet and build relationships with industry experts and peers.

Moreover, we use SEO best practices to ensure your visibility and help you reach the audience you want. Our writers get noticed in the right places and by the right people.

But that’s not all we have been up to in the past two years!

Here’s a short breakdown of our work since 2020:

  • 500 articles published on close protection, executive protection, travel risk management, threat mitigation, and related areas,
  • 80 industry experts engaged from the US, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Africa, and other places writing captivating content that showcases their know-how,
  • 500,000 views and 80,000 users from around the world.

Benefits of EP Wired Sponsorship Program

Industry sponsors help EP Wired create unique content and build a community of future-proof executive protection specialists.

We are a team of industry enthusiasts and marketing experts who need your support to continue doing what we do best: increase the visibility and transparency of our industry and deliver superb content that educates and inspires!

Likewise, we help all our authors proofread and edit their articles to gain the most traction online and offline.

You can become one of our sponsors and get:

  • One monthly article or joint co-written content piece or article quote,
  • Gold frame and watermark logo on your Authors Page profile,
  • Numbers and metrics detailing your exposure to visitors and geographies.

Contact EP Wired today to and get exposure to industry leaders and principals worldwide. Book a quick virtual meeting with our team to discuss EP Wired sponsorship and advertising opportunities!

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