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Executive Protection Agent – Allied Universal
Executive Protection Agent
Portland, Oregon, USA
Executive Protection – Regeneron
Tarrytown, NY, USA
Team Leader, Executive Protection – Crisis24
Executive Protection Agent
Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, USA
Manager, Security Operations – Netflix
Security Operations Manager
New York, New York, USA
Specialist, Security Operations – American Airlines
Security Operations Specialist
Dallas, TX, USA
Executive Protection Specialist – Wells Fargo
Executive Specialist
New York, NY, USA
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Our Experts Advise

EP Wired partnered with leading experts from the industry to help you make the right choices for your executive protection career.

Here’s How to Prepare for a Medical Crisis While Traveling Overseas

When preparing for an international business trip, executives rarely think about the possibility of ending up in hospital. Nonetheless, for the thousands of Americans that find themselves far from home and in need of medical care as result of a car accident, or serious medical event such as a heart attack or stroke, a routine […]

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Mastering the Art of Security: Training for Expertise and Consistent Performance

A security professional can be compared to a professional athlete in that they must have the appropriate skills to consistently and safely perform their duties and, most importantly, to perform better than the opponent – except in security, lives are at stake. The difference is that training takes 80% of an athlete’s time and competition […]

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The Need for Higher Ethical Standards in EP

We had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Julian, a highly experienced executive protection and security professional. With a career spanning over three decades, Michael has worked in various capacities in the industry and has been recognized for his expertise and contributions to the field.   He is the CEO of MPS Security & Protection and […]

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Seeking Professional Change in the EP Industry

I’d like to start this article by saying this isn’t intended to disparage anyone in this industry, and it’s my opinion. Everyone has an opinion and mine is no more important than anyone else’s. Recently, I made an error in judgement trying to help someone in the EP industry that was promoting incorrect tactics online […]

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A Woman in Executive Protection: Interview with Dr Mary Beth Wilkas Janke

With an inspiring career spanning 30 years, Dr. Mary Beth Wilkas Janke is one of a few women to join the ranks of the US Secret Service, as well as the only female agent to officially protect a foreign president abroad. Psychologist, author, forensic and security consultant, as Dr. Wilkas Janke says herself, she knows […]

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Enterprise Security Risk Management and Executive Protection

Enterprise Security Risk Management (or ESRM) is a security program approach that helps raise the profile of security. To put it simply, it occurs by linking security activities to an enterprise’s mission and business goals. This occurs through various risk management methods designed to gather informational data. Ultimately, both the organization and its leaders will […]

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The Use of Narcan in Executive Protection

With the rising number of deaths from opioids, there is an urgent need to expand the use of Narcan. It has become a vital tool in fighting an epidemic of opioid addiction. In addition, increasing access to this antidote allows bystanders to help with a fatal overdose and save lives. The CDC reports that more […]

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Year-In-Review: Medical Advance in 2022 and More

As 2022 comes to an end, I’ve made it a habit to reflect on the events of the past year that affect or may alter my professional career. As a physician working in the emergency room and a medical director in the executive protection industry, I look back at some of the trials and tribulations […]

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Timeless Close Protection Skills — Part 2

This is the second article in a two-part series on close protection skills I’m writing for EP Wired. Justice Stoic justice or treatment of others and yourself just means how we treat others despite their words or actions. So, as EP agents striving to keep our cool and patience and provide customer service, we must […]

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Making Travel Safety and Executive Protection Work Together

I spend a lot of time traveling, specifically overseas. Transitioning from a large government agency that provided and managed everything I needed during protective travel to a public sector position was eye-opening when I no longer had those resources. Thus, here we will discuss travel safety! Fortunately, I still had a vast network that had […]

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