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Apple CEO Tim Cook Allegedly Stalked, Threatened, and Harassed

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Apple CEO Tim Cook allegedly stalked by a possibly armed woman who trespassed his home on two occasions. As it be, a superior court judge in Santa Clara County granted a temporary restraining order against the accused 45-year old Virginia woman.   

The threats, harassment, and stalking have been going on for more than a year.   

As per media reports, the woman is accused of threatening Mr. Cook and visiting his home. Court documents reveal that the Virginia resident made increasingly alarming threats towards the Big Tech chief of operations over social media.   

According to the filing, the woman emailed photos of a purchased handgun and ammo, with a message detailing her plan to use it.   

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end here with reports she created fraud corporations naming Mr. Cook as an executive. Some of the fraudulent business names are sexually explicit, and all list Tim Cook’s home address on the forms.   

Alarming Threats Go Back Years 

Interestingly, these statements go back several years with disturbing claims the alleged was in a romantic relationship with Tim Cook. News reports reveal she went on to accuse Apple’s CEO of fathering her children.   

Furthermore, court documents reveal the situation to have escalated so far that the woman trespassed Tim Cooks’ Palo Alto private property on two separate occasions. High hopes of speaking with the CEO drove the woman to remain at the residence until security stepped in to send her away. News outlets state local police had to detain her after she proclaimed violent intentions.   

Most recently, the woman sent the Apple CEO more and more threatening emails. In January, the accused sent an email warning Mr. Cook to leave his residence as the accused stalker plans to “move in next week. “ 

The Restraining Order  

Due to this erratic, threatening, and bizarre behavior, the alleged stalker must abide by the restraining order placed upon her. The order is in place until March 29, when a hearing is scheduled to decide whether to extend the restrictions.   

As we have come to understand, the order prohibits the alleged from contacting the Apple CEO in any way, not even tagging him on social media. What’s more, the woman is barred from owning guns or going near the Cook residence or any Apple offices. At this time, the woman alleged stalker is still at large.  

No official comment from Apple or Mr. Cook has been made at present.   

Stalking Is Concerning and Dangerous  

The case of Apple CEO Tim Cook allegedly stalked by a possibly armed woman is just one case in a long line of CEOs and celebrities who have been targets of unwanted attention. Usually, it’s some television personality like Kim Kardashian or famous musical artist like Justin Bieber.    

It’s rare to hear people hounding the likes of people like Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. Still, regardless of who the victim is, these types of people can be quite serious. And it has to be taken very, very seriously. Stalkers can inflict severe injury and even kill their victims.   

Thankfully, the civil restraining order Apple sought out goes beyond demanding physical distance and no contact with Cook. 

When it comes to identifying stalking, we all have a role to play in supporting victims and survivors and intervening when necessary. Accordingly, January is National Stalking Awareness Month.

For more information about National Stalking Awareness Month, please visit:  https://www.stalkingawareness.org/

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