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What Is a Red Team and Do You Need One?

Red teaming is applicable in airport security, intelligence agencies, cybersecurity, and the military. It is the method of rigorously challenging policies, systems, plans, and assumptions by fostering an adversarial approach. Hence, a red team is a group that puts...

The Biggest Collection of Passwords Leaked: RockYou2021

Brace yourselves, as the cybersecurity attacks this year are just becoming bigger and more dangerous. In the latest attack, we saw the biggest collection of passwords leaked, with the number reaching as high as 8.4 billion password entries. A user...

President Macron got slapped while greeting the crowd

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A Brief History of International Terrorism 

Knowing the proper history of international terrorism, as well as the motives behind it, is key. Having that kind of intel can help governments and security professionals come up with more efficient defensive strategies. With that said, it’s time to...

Seems Like We Found the Best EP Agent in the World

Who would you say is the best EP agent in the world? How about we give you a hint in the form of another exemplary photo? Allegedly working for tens of prominent companies worldwide ― simultaneously ― we thought it...

10 People Die in California Rail Yard Shooting

Before taking his own life, mass shooter and public transit employee Samuel Cassidy killed nine coworkers at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. The event took place on Wednesday, May 26, after which the Santa Clara County Sheriff Office...

Sergio Perez’s Bodyguard Was Shot During a Car Robbery

Sergio Perez’s bodyguard was shot during an attempted car robbery in Guadalajara. Perez, a Red Bull driver, was competing in the Monaco Grand Prix at the time. He only found out about the incident after qualifying in the ninth...

Karen Connell Interview: Handling VIP Protection

1. One of your roles in Hunter Protection is interviewing CPOs to see if they are right for the company. What is it that you’re looking for in individuals who are going to be doing high-level, VIP protection? Hunter Protection...

EP Access: The First Online Platform for EP Training

Executive protection professionals can now receive quality training from sought-after experts without leaving home. EP architect and industry thought leader Christian West has just launched EP Access, the first online training platform for executive protection professionals. The new learning platform...

2021 Security Exhibition and Conference

21-23 July 2021 International Convention Centre Sydney Presenting new solutions to essential security and hardware needs, the 2021 Security Exhibition and Conference return after the 2019 break. Organized by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited, this one-of-a-kind event launches a two-day...

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The Modern Rules of the CPP Market

The CPP Market is a small sector within the broader Private Security Industry and globally. While it may be...

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