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Rioting in South Africa: Death Toll Rises to 337

Rioting in South Africa has claimed 337 lives, with more than 3000 people arrested in widespread civil unrests. The mass looting and violence were began a day after the imprisonment of former president Jacob Zuma on 08 July, on...

Facebook Spends More than USD 31 million on Personal Security for Zuckerberg and Sandberg in 2020

According to a report issued by Protocol, Silicon Valley tech giants spent approximately USD 46 million to protect their C-suite. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is at the top of the list of the highest personal protection costs...

Close Protection World 2021 Conference

The prestigious networking event, Close Protection World, takes place at the Victory Services Club, London, this November. https://youtu.be/HQozTg6mWEg  

Dr. Mary Beth Wilkas Janke: Women in Security Breaking the Glass Ceiling 

1. After a successful career in protection, you decided to change fields of study and became a psychologist. Was it difficult to make the transition, and how do you think being a former Secret Service agent helps you in...

Alleged Ties of Haiti Assassination and Miami Security Firm

Some private security companies have a tough time paying debts and declaring bankruptcy. So, when a suitable opportunity arises, they hang on to it. Allegedly, this is what happened during the Haiti assassination, when a group of foreign mercenaries...

Anti-Surveillance Tactics to Use in Daily Operations

In broad terms, anti-surveillance tactics comprise a series of actions to identify sources of unwanted attention from the media, stalkers, followers, fixated persons, groups, or forms of hostile reconnaissance. For example, if someone attempts to cause physical or reputational harm...

President Zuma in Jail: 75 Killed in South Africa Riots

Former president Jacob Zuma was arrested last Friday, with 75 people killed in the ensuing South Africa riots. Those well-acquainted with the country's history claim that this was its worst unrest since the end of apartheid. Riots derailed the country...

The Things You Should Know About Covert Operations

According to The Free Dictionary, covert operations are so planned and executed to conceal the identity of or permit plausible denial by the sponsor. They differ from clandestine operations, which agencies or individuals perform in secret and that stay...

Haiti in Chaos: A Group of Assassins killed Jovenel Moise

Early on Wednesday a group of unknown attackers – described as foreign mercenaries, stormed the presidential residence in Port-au-Prince and killed Jovenel Moise, the President of Haiti. The assailants struck around 1 a.m. and fatally wounded the head of...

What Is Close Protection Security + Becoming an Officer

What is close protection security? How do I start doing close protection, and how do I even know that it’s right for me? What responsibilities do close protection officers have?  If you’re new to the industry or thinking about joining,...

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Rioting in South Africa: Death Toll Rises to 337

Rioting in South Africa has claimed 337 lives, with more than 3000 people arrested in widespread civil unrests. The...

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