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Eduardo Jany

Foreign Travel Security and the Personal Security Protective Detail

Today’s VIPs, CEOs, and executive leaders live a life of frequent air travel often hopping from continent to continent. They could be doing it to represent their organizations, maneuver their interests, and, at times, just to unwind. Bill Gates made...

Selecting Security Managers and Executives – A Primer for Candidates and Hiring Managers

Three tips to ensure you have the right fit for your organization This brief article is based on my own recent observations and may seem rudimentary to even the newest HR scout or budding security candidate. However, they merit reinforcement...

Transitioning from Military Service into Executive Protection Roles

Whether it is Executive Protection (EP), Dignitary Protection (DP), or Protective Services Operations (PSO), translating military skills into executive protection is certainly feasible if you are honest with yourself and do a bit of homework. Moreover, a military service...

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Legal Subcontracting vs Illegal Subcontracting

A recent article on subcontracting reminded me of the need to clarify to folks once again in the EP...

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