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Martin Nielsen

The Dying Breed vs The New Breed

As I write this article, with tongue in cheek, super biased and very subjectively with half a smile on my face, while going down memory lane, I hope it doesn’t offend anyone. I feel like everything these days needs a disclaimer.  I think the conclusion, however, will show what I...

The 3Ps for Executive Protection and Residential Security

You will consider this blog to be very low speed in terms of the tacti-cool factor. Yet, I guarantee it will be very high on the ROI factor for teams moving up on the maturity level scale of their...

Training as a Tool for Career Development, Retainment, and Quality Control

I have written blogs on EP training in the past and why they are critical to program success. Career development, retainment, and quality control are all its building blocks. Here I wanted to take a different approach and highlight the...

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How Do You Remain Present and in the Moment?

Unfortunately, I'm not necessarily the right person to tell you exactly how to remain present. So I won't be...

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