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Shots Fired at Democratic Mayoral Candidate Greenberg

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With shots fired at democratic mayoral candidate Greenberg in Louisville, Kentucky, the democrat remains uninjured as the apparent target of a shooter who fired multiple times.  

The politician was not directly hit, but the bullet did graze his sweater. Expectedly, the entire ordeal has left Greenberg traumatized. Perhaps more so by the news, with the assailant who fired the weapon placed on home incarceration.   

Candidate Craig Greenberg said the following in a statement: “Our criminal justice system is broken. It is nearly impossible to believe that someone can attempt murder on Monday and walk out of jail on Wednesday.”  

Shortly after Monday’s shooting, a judge charged the attacker with attempted murder. News outlets report that police detained the suspect near the building after the officers matched their appearance to witness descriptions. Released video footage shows how a heavily armed SWAT team leads Greenberg and colleagues from the building. 

According to officials, no clear motives are evident. They say there was no reason to believe this individual was acting anything but alone. Still, it’s necessary to proceed with both caution and concern for the sake of the well-being of other community members.  

Suspect: A Metro Council Candidate 

A judge has charged the assailant, Quintez Brown, with attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment. Not to mention, Brown is also a Louisville resident running as an independent for Louisville’s Metro council.  

As US Senate nominee Charles Brooker states, “the sad reality of our cash bail system is that it puts a price tag on crime without sufficient considerations for safety.” He went on to describe how “this often keeps innocent people behind bars because they do not have the funds.” 

In other terms, with enough money at their disposal, an attempted murder suspect can be released from custody in less than 48 hours.  

A spokesperson for the Louisville Metro Corrections states that the assailant understands he is to remain inside, and his whereabouts are to be tracked. Mr. Brown is limited to only his residence and wears a GPS device.  

It’s understood that a judge ordered Brown to have no contact with Greenberg, including any staff members. What’s more, Brown is not to possess firearms. In addition, the state of his mental well-being has come into question. In fact, Brown’s lawyer says he will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. 

What’s to Follow? 

According to some, the shots fired at democratic mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg can only be deduced as an assassination attempt. Yet, the motive behind the ordeal may remain unclear. 

HuffPost states that Greenberg is among the frontrunners in the 17 May primary. If he wins his nomination, he would be an overwhelming favorite. Moreover, it’s unlikely the recent event will impede his chances of winning, as many Louisville council members support his candidacy.  

Additionally, Rep. Jason Nemes of Louisville is set to introduce a bill to allow voters to decide on a constitutional amendment wherein defendants would be detained without bail. As a GOP state lawmaker, Nemes intends to shield community members from any detainees who pose a grave danger. 

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