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A Night of Terror: Chris Smalling Robbed at Gunpoint

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A night of ordeal saw the famous British footballer, Chris Smalling robbed at gunpoint inside his home in Italy. Armed intruders broke into the Roma defender’s home, threatened him in front of his wife and two year old son and forced him to open his safe before making off with their jewelry and other valuables.

Around 5 am the police got a phone call from Smalling’s wife, Sam. Shortly after the call, the officers came to the family’s villa, south of Rome. The defender has been playing for Rome since 2019. He came on an initial loan deal before making the move permanent 12 months later.

Chris Smalling Robbed
A Night of Terror: Chris Smalling Robbed at Gunpoint

He lives with his wife, a glamour model from Manchester and their young son. The couple married in June 2017. They welcomed their son Leo just before moving to the capital of Italy.

The three armed and hooded robbers appear to have stolen Smalling’s Rolex watch, as well as other jewelry and valuable items from the safe.

Understandably, the robbery left the former Manchester United player and his family shaken-up. However, the couple appears to be at least physically good. Officially, the police is still investigating the incident and Roma have offered support out to the player.

This is an interesting situation. With crimes against athletes on the rise, it’s a matter of time before a victim is seriously hurt. The fútbol league or team owners may have to take measures and hire out security for their players. At the least hire a
residential security staff.

– Justen Charles, Director of Asset Protection & Family Security

Robbers Targeting Footballers in Italy

This incident is the latest in a series of cases where intruders target the homes of Serie A footballers, managers and other sporting personalities over the past year.

Earlier this year, the home of Juventus midfielder Weston McKennie was burgled while the footballer was playing against SPAL in the Italian Cup quarter-final. According to Sky Sports Italia, those responsible for the attack took football boots, designer clothing and other valuable items. The attack seems to be thought-out so that the aggressors could enter the property when McKennie was on club duty.

The villa of Roma manager Paulo Fonseca in Monteverde was robbed in October 2020, with those responsible taking valuable items worth up to USD 120k. Fonseca and his family were not at home at the time.

Later in December 2020, burglers broke into the home of the late Paolo Rossi, during the footballer’s funeral service. Rossi’s wife came back home from the funeral only to find that someone broke into their home in Tuscany.

In July 2020, Fiorentina’s Franck Ribery home was also robbed while the French footballer was playing for the Serie A club against Parma.  The burglars stole jewelry and some handbags, but luckily the player’s wife and children were away.

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