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AS Solution Disappears Into Allied Universal for Good

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Back on November 21st, 2019, Allied Universal announced its merger with SOS Security, a parent company of AS Solution. After almost two and half years, the long-awaited Allied Universal and SOS Security merger is finally happening on February 5th.

The merger will make Allied Universal the biggest protection company today, as it’ll have a force of over 230,000 professionals. Also, with SOS Security now in-toe, the projected revenue of Allied is over $10 billion.

Edward Silverman, the founder, and CEO of SOS Security will serve as an advisor to the board of directors and co-chairman at Allied.

Why The Allied Universal and SOS Security Merger?

Shortly after Allied announced the merger, its CEO, Steve Jones gave an interview for the Mergermarket. In it, he said that he was attracted to SOS Security because of its international presence, and its executive protection company, AS Solution.

The merger will allow Allied Universal to acquire more high-profile CEO and celebrity clients. Also, since SOS has offices in 70 cities and five countries, they’ll be increasing AU’s international presence.

The Aftermath

According to industry sources, a lot of AS Solution’s clients aren’t particularly happy about this change. They are worried that, due to the merger, AS Solution won’t be able to provide the same level of service.

That’s why a lot of AS Solution’s clients from Silicone Valley, which include some of the biggest tech giants, are already in the process of changing security providers. Also, a huge number of family offices are following the example and leaving AS Solution for good.

The Future of AS Solution

On February 5th, as part of the merger agreement, AS Solution will be shutting down its website, as well as social media channels. The company is now part of the Allied Universal brand, and all their operations will go through AU.

So what does this all mean for the Allied Universal and SOS Security merger? How does the company intend to keep its biggest clients from leaving? And more importantly, will Allied be able to bounce back from losing so many accounts? Time will only show.

Leave your thoughts down below, and let us know what you think.

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