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Developing Timeless Tools And The Good Old Days

Have you ever spent time with someone who seems stuck in the past, constantly reminiscing about the “good old days”? Picture the former high school quarterback who can’t stop talking about his glory days on the football field. This...

Avoiding Martial Arts Dogma And Navigating the Full Spectrum of Violence

  Don't let your martial arts training confine your potential. In previous discussions, I've emphasized the importance of avoiding becoming too systemized in your approach to learning martial arts. By this, I mean that it's crucial not to let the...

Navigate the Pre-Fight Social Exchange & Self-Defense Strategy

It’s essential to recognize that not every confrontation begins with immediate physical force; many start with verbal interactions that can gradually escalate to physical touch or contact. Bearing this in mind, it’s essential to integrate a system of verbal...

From Perception to Action: How Perspective Transforms Your Reality

Why is maintaining a positive perspective beneficial and essential for achieving success? The answer lies in the interconnectivity of perception, emotion, action, and results. Changing my perspective is an incredibly potent tool that I incorporate into my daily routine. Over...

Embracing the Full Spectrum: The Power of Handheld Weapons in Combat

Delving into the basics of utilizing handheld weapons, be they blunt or edged, is not just a necessity but a path to empowerment. Understanding the core principles that make one proficient with any type of handheld weapon, regardless of...

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Lil Wayne’s Ex-Bodyguard Fights to Keep Lawsuit From Being Tossed Out

Carlos Christian, Lil Wayne’s ex-bodyguard, is fighting to keep his lawsuit against the rapper from being tossed out. The...

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