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Lil Wayne’s Ex-Bodyguard Fights to Keep Lawsuit From Being Tossed Out

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Carlos Christian, Lil Wayne’s ex-bodyguard, is fighting to keep his lawsuit against the rapper from being tossed out. The rapper and his former protection agent might be intertwined in a lawsuit over an event that happened in 2021. Here is the full story.

Lil Wayne’s Ex-Bodyguard Files Assault and Battery Lawsuit

Carlos Christian is suing the famous rapper Lil Wayne for “erratically threatening, assaulting, and battering him” while allegedly pointing a semi-automatic rifle at him. In the lawsuit, Christian claims he suffered severe emotional distress and PTSD after the alleged incident, which he states, took place at the musician’s Los Angeles home on December 1, 2021.

According to the lawsuit, Lil Wayne’s ex-bodyguard says the rapper acted with malice and “intended to cause Plaintiff injury or, alternately, despicable conduct the Defendant carried on with a willful and conscious disregard of Plaintiff’s rights and safety; this conduct includes punching Plaintiff in the head while waving a semi-automatic handgun.”

What’s more, in his lawsuit, Christian says that the rapper had a prior history of firearm-related crimes, which is why it reasonably appeared to him that the rapper was about to carry out the threat.

At the time of the incident, law enforcement and the media were aware that Lil Wayne was accused of pulling an assault rifle on a member of his team. According to a law enforcement source, the rifle in question was an AR-15. The incident happened after the rapper accused the security member, Chrisitan Carlos, that the bodyguard was taking photos and leaking them to the media.

The Fight for Keeping the Lawsuit

Carlos Christian, Lil Wayne’s ex-bodyguard, is now fighting to keep the lawsuit from being tossed out over a clerical mix-up. He now has to prove that he filed the complaint before the two-year statute of limitations had run out.

In a motion filed on June 11, Christian claimed the filed the lawsuit electronically at noon on December 1, 2023. That was the last day he was eligible to do so. However, due to a discrepancy, the suit wasn’t entered into the system that day and the filing was rejected.

Christian’s lawyer asked the court to either extend the statute of limitations or correct the filing date. The fight to keep his lawsuit from being tossed out is still ongoing.

Lil Wayne’s Ex-Assistant Also Filed a Lawsuit for Assault, Battery, and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

While more information is coming out on the lawsuit Lil Wayne’s ex-bodyguard has filed, this isn’t the first instance a previous member of the rapper’s team has done so. In 2022, Wayne’s ex-assistant sued the rapper, Young Money Entertainment, and Signature Flight Support companies.

The ex-assistant, Andrew Williams, accused the rapper of assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The other two defendants were sued for wrongful termination and negligence.

According to Williams, the incident occurred on a plane when the rapper began arguing with the pilot. To prevent the fight from escalating, Williams allegedly stood between the two, which is when Lil Wayne turned towards him and punched him with a closed fist on the jaw.

Lil Wayne has claimed self-defense in the lawsuit and demanded a medical exam from the ex-assistant. The case is still ongoing.

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