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Charles Randolph

Undercover Risk: Insider Threat and Executive Protection

By: Charles Randolph, PPS & Chuck Tobin, CTM The executive protection community often reflects on the value we bring to our principals and those that surround them. External observers sometimes view our industry as narcissistic and egotistical operators pining to...

Kate Warne – America’s First Female Protective Operator

History paints a picture of the close protection industry in a very stereotypical light. The “muscle-bound break, glass in case of emergency" visage often fails to underscore the far more nuanced individuals that formed our industry. Case in point...

Stress and the Protector

Resilience. Noun - “The capacity to recover quickly from difficulty; toughness.” (Oxford Dictionary). Our industry is marked by our ability to overcome issues of all shapes and sizes. From dealing with irate principals to moving off the X, protectors pride ourselves in...

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How Do You Remain Present and in the Moment?

Unfortunately, I'm not necessarily the right person to tell you exactly how to remain present. So I won't be...

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