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Physical Disabilities and Mental Health Disorders – Providing EP Services

One of the biggest misconceptions for new Executive Protection practitioners is that they have an innocent and naive belief that they will land the best client. A client who is aware of what Executive Protection is, the one who...

Covert Protective Details — “The Invisible Shield”

For new Close Protection professionals entering this industry or those considering it, you should know that there can be covert protective details, overt ones, or a combination of both. How the appropriate protection plan and the team is chosen relies...

Protection Providers & Social Media Policy: The Emerging Necessity

Social media has become so much a part of everyone's daily activities, and many use it as a way to promote their services, speak their mind and interact with others. Thus, companies who either have or utilize a social...

Marketing tips for Executive Protection Agents

Perception is everything, protect yourself, and build your reputation on solid ground. *These are part of a panel of personal opinions on marketing tips for executive protection agents formulated from my experience in the industry as an EP agent, business...

Confidentiality: This is NOT about you!

Recently, a young lady, new in the industry, raised a question on a social platform questioning the practice of, or if it is acceptable for, people in our industry dropping clients’ names in public. Surprisingly, many people who took part...

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Allied Universal Acquires Three Security Firms

Leading security and facility services company Allied Universal continues its global expansion in North America and the international market....

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