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Major Security Breaches in 2022

Cyberattacks and security data breaches are still a big business, despite numerous advances in cybersecurity defense mechanisms. Why? Well, money would appear to be the biggest motive behind these attacks. So, let’s look at some of the major security...

Top Cyber Security Tools for 2023

Cyber security tools are a must for businesses or individuals interested in ensuring their privacy and safety. Given the rising importance of software solutions, tools, and security to protect companies and persons from possible online threats — it is...

Pros & Cons of the Most Secure Messaging Apps in 2023

In executive protection, the transmission of messages can either make or break any assignment for security practitioners and principals alike. Therefore, this article examines the pros and cons of some of the most secure messaging apps in 2023 —...

How Physical Access Control and EP Create New Value

When EP Wired reached out to me with the opportunity to write about physical access control, I was initially stuck. Like many in the access control industry, I had not thought about the executive protection industry very much as...

When Is a Death Threat a Real Threat?

In an increasingly interconnected and yet polarised world, in which the economy is in decline and the cost of living in many regions increases, it will be big business that the media blame. This blame culture in which the...

Social Engineering: Preying on Our Humanity

I often find myself asked the same question: what is the most difficult type of attack to detect but easiest to launch? My answer is always the same: social engineering. Social engineering can be generally defined as the use of...

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A Reflection on the Security Industry 2022

Looking back over the last year (or two), the biggest obstacle was the impact of Covid. Not just in...

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