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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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Assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II (1981)

Pope John Paul II was shot twice at close range by Mehmet Ali Ağca while riding in an open automobile in St. Peter's Square in 1981. Source: ABC News Australia

10+ Times Bodyguards Protected Idols From Dangerous Situations

Throughout the years, a lot of K-Pop idols have been mobbed in airports, and some have even been injured in the process. As such, several fans have called on bodyguards to do a better job of protecting idols. Source: Kbiz88...

Celebrities Awkward And Funny Moments With Their Bodyguards

Stars and their bodyguards have a special relationship. Thre is no denying that. So, we at hollywoodbackstage, bring you some funny and awkward moments stars had with their bodyguards. Source: HollywoodCIA

Julia Gillard: Australia’s Prime Minister Rescued By Bodyguards

Australian prime minister Julia Gillard was visibly shaken as she was bundled out of a restaurant by secret service agents after it was surrounded by around 200 protesters who banged on windows. At one point, Ms Gillard tripped over and...

What is a Tactical Security Officer?

Bodyguard, executive protection agent, tactical security officer, security guard, tactical commander ― we sometimes get lost in the many different names that people perceive as similar roles. It's a good thing then that you are reading this EP Wired...

Fidel Castro Failed Assassination Attempt

After 49 years in power, Fidel Castro has resigned as Cuba's president. That he would make it this far was largely unexpected. According to the former head of Castro’s secret service, a grand total of 638 assassination attempts were...

7 Security Tactics That Make a Difference

As cybercriminals are getting savvier, and their techniques are becoming more advanced, companies need to up their security tactics. Long gone are the days when you could install a simple firewall, and call it a day. Now, you need...

Workforce Risks – Basics and Avoidance Tactics

All jobs carry certain risks. Yes, even working as a statistician or an accountant. No job is spared. However, when it comes to executive protection, a lot more is at stake—for example, human lives. It's for this reason that...

The Role That a Security Operations Center Plays

A security operations center plays a huge role in almost every security organization. It’s the central location where all issues are resolved, threats are monitored, and data is analyzed. But what does that all mean? What goes on in...

VIPs with the Tightest Celebrity Protection Teams

Being a celebrity means being famous – everywhere you go, people recognize you, shout your name, and usually want something from you. Sometimes, all they want is a minute of a celeb’s attention, an autograph or a selfie. But...

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Cyber Radicalization: Terrorist Groups and the Internet

The Internet is becoming the town square of the global village of tomorrow. - Bill Gates It’s interesting that this prediction...

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