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Pablo Ortiz-Monasterio

Skills and Knowledge: The Dual Highway of the Brain

The human brain is a fascinating and complex system that manages a wide range of tasks, from sensory perception to decision-making and learning. According to experts, there are two types of information in your brain: skills and knowledge. Both are...

Mastering the Art of Security: Training for Expertise and Consistent Performance

A security professional can be compared to a professional athlete in that they must have the appropriate skills to consistently and safely perform their duties and, most importantly, to perform better than the opponent - except in security, lives...

Case Study: The Killing of Adolfo Lagos

Clients often want to feel powerful, and they want to have armed people taking care of them. The reason is that they think that unarmed people are not security enough and that they will not be able to react...

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Ambani Pre-Wedding Security, Costs, and Considerations

In the first few days of March 2024, the world looked on at the Ambani pre-wedding celebrations that drew...

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