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Incorporating Your Executive Protection – Planning into a Major Event 

DISCLAIMER: This article provides a general overview of protective operations advance principles in the completion of a Major Site Advance (Major Event). It was written as a companion piece for another article on Protest Activity and mitigation.  There is...

The Evolution of American Executive Protection and the Advance and Conflict Models

Historical reference in any endeavor is the key to overcoming past mistakes and preventing future missteps. That holds true even more so in Executive Protection where the “Zero Fail” mission is the basis for all operations. The professional history...

Seeking Professional Change in the EP Industry

I’d like to start this article by saying this isn’t intended to disparage anyone in this industry, and it’s my opinion. Everyone has an opinion and mine is no more important than anyone else’s. Recently, I made an error...

Making Travel Safety and Executive Protection Work Together

I spend a lot of time traveling, specifically overseas. Transitioning from a large government agency that provided and managed everything I needed during protective travel to a public sector position was eye-opening when I no longer had those resources....

360 Site Advance Planning for Executive Protection

If you're in this industry, your site advance game should be strong. Proper application of the advance model identifies you as a professional. Thus, knowledge of how to conduct an advance is often one of the top questions managers...

The Advance: How to Do It Properly

I had a student once ask me, "So how would you describe your job to someone who doesn't understand what you do?" I responded with one sentence: "I identify problems and make them go away." The Advance Process is...

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Navigating the Ethical Tightrope: Middle Managers, C-Suite Unethical Practices, and Corporate Crime Risks

A complex and prevalent challenge exists surrounding middle managers' reluctance to address the destructive impact of unethical practices organized...

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