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Ivan Ivanovic and Chuck Tobin

EP Evolution: CIIRM and the Importance of Language in Defining a Profession

There are many names for our profession: executive protection, protection of public officials, celebrity security, VIP protection, Protective Security, Close Protection, etc. For some, these are synonymous; for others, they indicate entirely different professions, which comes along with intense...

About Me

Ivan Ivanovich was born in 1973, in the territory of the former Yugoslavia. Nationalized Mexican of Serbian origin. He established his residence in Mexico in 1999. In 2004, he founded the AGS Group, which provides high-level Executive and Protection services to CEOs of various international corporations, former presidents, former US government ministers, athletes, and celebrities on their visits to Mexico, as well as security for different national and international companies. VP & Partner in WSO – Worlwide Security Options International Speaker and instructor in Executive Protection Representative of HAB (Hispanic Advisory Board) of IFPO for Mexico (International Foundation for Protection Officers) Co-founder of EP Summit, the most important Executive Protection event in Latin America Professor at the UDLAP Jenkins Graduate School Anahuac University in Mexico and Universidad de la Plata Argentina in study programs related to Executive Protection In 2017 and 2022 he was ranked among the 100 most influential Private Security professionals in Mexico by the magazine Seguridad en América. As Chairman and President of AT-RISK International, Inc., Chuck Tobin brings over 25 years of experience in security consulting, executive security, investigations, and training. As the Director of Security/Senior Consultant to three Prime Ministers/Presidential Candidates, Chuck has developed a global political campaign security expertise. This combined with his knowledge and practice in violence threat assessment, investigations, executive security, and training has led him to many leadership positions in the industry.

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Strategy, Communication, and Maintenance

Executive protection, and security in general, are a blended, and operational sector. Just as no two principals are alike,...

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