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Subcontracting In Security

Subcontracting is a Dirty Word   The term subcontracting in security is often seen as a dirty word. Let’s look at why, and if there can be a place of legitimate subcontracting that actually supports client requirements.   Engagement    Clients engaging in security...

CPP Operators and Running Orange Lights

CPP Operators are driving a 'chase car.' They are close behind the Primary Vehicle providing direct cover and line-of-sight protection for the vehicle and its occupants. At one point, despite the best driving techniques, they find themselves 50 meters...

The Weight of Local Knowledge in CP Operations Abroad

One of the things that set CP Operations apart from most of the Private Security Industry is their geographically mobile nature. In some cases, this may simply be around a single city or state, but it may require significant...

The Modern Rules of the CPP Market

The CPP Market is a small sector within the broader Private Security Industry and globally. While it may be one of the most glorified and attractive sectors of the market, it is also one of the smallest. CPP Tasks can...

Work and Succeed in the Personal Protection Business

In any service industry, a provider is only as good as the product they deliver. In the Personal Protection business, the product you deliver is a blend of company service methods and the Operator's performance on the ground. Note: I...

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Operational Fitness in Executive Protection

Recently I wrote a piece for EP Wired about the importance of combatives training for the protection professional and...

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