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Soft skills

The Executive Protection Skills Everyone Should Know About

No matter if you’re just getting into the EP industry or have been a pro for years; there are some executive protection skills that you should never be without. These include both soft and hard skills, and they’re what...

Executive Protection Online: Platforms and Benefits

To nobody's surprise, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a renaissance in online learning. E-platforms have become the number one resource for people wanting to acquire trades in a safe environment. Meaning, in the comfort of their homes. Because let's...

Hand to Hand Combat Training and Executive Protection

Executive protection is an awesome profession. And if you want to have a chance of making it in this business, you will need training and specialized knowledge of a number of skills - from surveillance, first aid, defensive driving to many others. Hand to hand combat training is traditionally considered one of...

7 Steps to Becoming an Executive Protection Agent

Most people can't handle high-pressure environments and having to be continually on their toes. But then those people certainly dont have "executive protection agent" as their job title. Similarly, when you think of agents, you likely have an image of a James Bond-like figure on your mind.  Not intending to...

What is Executive Protection?

Often called the best and the worst job in the world, executive protection encompasses a wide variety of security measures and techniques aimed at ensuring the safety of very important persons – VIPs. It is its own specialized field...

Latest News

Allied Universal Acquires Three Security Firms

Leading security and facility services company Allied Universal continues its global expansion in North America and the international market....

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