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Executive Protection and Venue Management

Executive protection details are as diverse as the principals under protection. Many close protection teams require coordination with the venue management and staff. And especially if the venue already has security currently contracted on-site. One of the most popular...

Estate Security – The Road Less Traveled

Executive protection details are indeed sought after assignments to young and transitioning security professionals due to public perception (i.e., the black suit, sunglasses, and earpieces). This combines with rubbing elbows with potential public figures and celebrities.  As most executive protection...

Access Control in Executive Protection

Access control is the cornerstone of all security operations and security-related sectors. It comprises non-sterile (public area) and sterile (post-screening) areas. Simply put, suppose someone does not belong in an area or past a certain point. In that case,...

CCTV in EP: The Core Benefits

The public views executive protection in the forefront as bodyguards in black suits, earpieces, and sunglasses carefully escorting a VIP from point A to point B. Of course, along with mostly everything on the surface, there is much more...

Executive Protection in Aviation

In the limitless scenarios and locations in the security sector, aviation security is the one, which, not only changes constantly but is also unpredictable in manmade and natural threats. Aircraft, tarmac, cargo, and catering only scratch the surface in the medium...

Red Flags in EP

Red flags in EP have become something of a commonplace in not only the protection field but also in training offered in private organizations. Many organizations have training modules regarding insider threats and what red flags to look for...

Young Professionals in Executive Protection

Careers in executive protection are as diverse as the protective details, which take place globally. These are frightening times, and people want to feel safe. Just because a protectee (i.e., the principal) is mobile does not mean that aggressors...

Concentric Circles of Protection in EP

The art of protecting people is much more than dark sunglasses, a black suit, a tie, and an earpiece. As with any security operation, the security professional ― especially in the executive protection sector ― must also rely on...

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Real-Life Scenarios in EP: When You Draw Too Much Attention in Mexico

Both seasoned and new practitioners would agree that we need more actual stories from the ep industry. Real-life scenarios...

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