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EP Practitioner Diversification – A Necessity in the Modern World

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you know that the Covid-19 pandemic has decimated industries worldwide. As a matter of fact, travel was among those heavily affected.

With global travel at an all-time low, the executive protection industry experienced a knock-on effect. In this sense, most principals have reduced coverage not only in the field (outside of residential operations) but at their residences as well.

This stemmed from the need to reduce their daily contacts due to the risk of contracting Covid-19, to financial difficulty due to business loss.

Diversification Benefits You as a Security Professional

So, where am I going with this? Have you ever heard the saying, when one door closes, another opens? Well, this isn’t entirely true, at least not in my opinion.

Time and time again, we see highly qualified people out of action for months waiting for their next EP gig. Many of them see EP as the job that sits on the top of the security food chain.

They think that by doing any other security work, they will be taking one step back in their respective careers rather than two steps forward. That’s a wrong and detrimental approach.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying EP professionals should be carrying out entry-level work, but let’s break executive protection down to its core – Risk Mitigation.

These principles apply to all security-related roles. Hence, EP professionals should diversify to overcome quiet periods, just like the one we are experiencing with Covid-19 at present.

True industry leaders can do it all. They show resilience and pivot when things are not going their way. They constantly gain experience in areas they are weak in, adding strings to their bow.

Leave the ego in the gym, get out of your comfort zone and learn new skills within a new area of the industry. Every day is day one.

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