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Heckler Interrupts Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Joly

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Police had to remove a man who was heckling Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Joly during a Montreal Council event on Canada’s contributions to Ukraine.

As seen in the video, Yves #Engler interrupts Ms. Joly as he shouts, “stop escalating the war… shame on you, you’re going to push us to WWIll. [..] No to war! No to NATO!”

The politician’s security detail and the security personnel for the event were very slow reacting to the anti-war protester. Not to mention, the security team shows limited application towards said intruder.

The entire situation can only be termed as an extremely poor security response, especially for a government official in these unstable times. Ms. Joly was completely compromised, even the anti- war protester seemed surprised he was able to get that close to her.

The above video footage clearly shows the activist approaching and heckling Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Joly during a sit-down event. The heckler, Yves Engler, is a Montreal-based writer and political activist. Engler’s writings have appeared in alternative press and in mainstream publications.

Certain media report, the anti-war protester’s actions directly respond to what Melanie Joly has previously said regarding Canada’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Moreover, the mindset such remarks represent troubles some people.

In context, the foreign minister recently stated, “Canada is not a nuclear power, not a military power. We’re a middle-sized power … good at … convincing other countries to do more.”

Conversely, according to Ms. Joly, the federal government is willing to bring in an unlimited number of Ukrainian refugees. Canadian officials are looking at possible airlifts from neighboring European countries as a way to bring individuals.


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