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Journey Management: The Perfect Plan Explained

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Simply put, journey management frames a systemic and planned process for decreasing transportation-related risks in company operations. Where is this more relevant than executive protection, where industry specialists use vehicles as their primary mode for handling situations?

Unlike travel risk management, journey management is slightly different and comprises a more narrow set of concerns. Rather than centering on a wide variety of hazards and threats, journey management is somewhat more tangible.

As a rule of thumb, this process focuses more on driver failures and vehicle malfunctions than anything else. All that while serving under a company.

By this, we mean that cars and similar transportation types are critical in protecting principals from harm. It goes without saying that vehicles make up the perfect hiding place in some emergencies. Dealing with crowds may be one of them.

The Use of Vehicles

Executive protection agents are better off with them than left with their bare hands. Moreover, any principal should be thrilled to have a team well-versed in this domain. Still, that’s not all there is to this topic.

As a decisive factor of safety in the workplace, journey management saves billions of US dollars yearly worldwide. Contrary to this, crashes cost employers around USD 9.25 billion annually, according to the National Safety Council.

If you are a company head and/or a user of EP services, consider that journey management is vital to your vibrant company culture. And we don’t mean you have to think about it every day as you do about having a faultless vending machine down the hallway.

Instead, we propose that you analyze your drivers as much as any other aspect of your business travels. After all, humans are to blame for 70-93% of all motor vehicle crashes, according to a 2017 study.

For all these reasons, you should know that the people driving your vehicles are your greatest safety feature. However, they can be either a threat or an advantage. It all depends on who you hire and what type of plan you got in store. And that’s why you are here ― to learn more about crafting an impregnable journey management plan.

The Perfect Journey Management Plan

Plans are what sets successful people apart from those who just wander aimlessly. The same applies to this department. Creating a solid journey management plan means that you should eliminate unnecessary risks and reduce driving distances.

If your executive protection team knows what they are doing, they will shield you accordingly. First of all, they will get the best driver for you and explore the following key factors:

  • Roadway and its surroundings,
  • Vehicle and its functionality,
  • Environment and its predictability.

It sounds manageable because it is. Any seasoned EP agent will advise you to go through these areas when considering a headache-free trip. We know that being an executive can be similar to working in a coal mine, minus the coal.

The stress, the anxiety, the unproductive relationships, all of this is emotionally and physically draining. You don’t need to be concerned about your journey details too. That should be the duty of your executive protection team.

As for the driver who you entrusted with your life, bear in mind that they need to get enough sleep before driving. Plus, an important thing to consider is that drivers must understand the specific weather conditions and vehicle maintenance basics.

It might not sound like much, but checking these boxes is a life-saver. Sometimes literally.

Journey Management

The Worst Hazards

Enjoying a pleasant, comfortable drive through the city or countryside is of immense value. However, some things can get in the way of you relishing a moment outside or working through a business trip.

And what are these threats compromising your private and professional life on wheels? We are glad you asked!

You or your EP team should work together to mitigate the following foxy risks:

  • Poor road conditions,
  • Driver inexperience,
  • Driver fatigue,
  • Distracted driving behavior and risky behavior of other drivers,
  • Unfavorable climate conditions,
  • Communication failure.

If you are working with experienced EP agents, they will handle all of this for you. We even went so far as to pick out the top 10 executive protection companies for your consideration. You are welcome.

If all of this resonates with you, you need a journey management plan. You just do. Moving around, traveling, using vehicles regularly ― all these are signals. Trust us on this. We know what we are talking about. Just get it done and thank us later.

Journey Management Planning Steps

The old saying goes: the safest journey is the one not taken.

Yet, CEOs and other executives need to travel often. And it’s not up for discussion. So, what can be done, and what should you do to make it as pain-free as possible?

Firstly, let your EP team handle the bigger picture and all the details. Secondly, have them go through the list we prepared right here:

  • Determine the travel path,
  • Ensure secure and constant communication with team members and client,
  • Lay out detailed maps for rest periods and places,
  • Consider the journey’s timing and road busyness,
  • Find out if there are black spots,
  • Check route options,
  • Analyze high-risk locations,
  • Hydrate with non-caffeine drinks or at least something not too sugary.

Furthermore, here is a Daily Vehicle Check article that sets out the most critical vehicle safety aspects. And if you wish to up your game to the highest level, make sure to read The Most Useful Executive Protection Tools.

There you will also find out how to know if your EP agents are using the tools they should be using. That surely will help you with that hiring process.

Wrapping up

Careful planning will significantly increase your prospects of arriving safely. It doesn’t take a lot to implement a journey management plan, but not having it is notoriously costly. Failing to plan is planning to fail. There is a reason why this maxim has stayed with us for so long. It’s always spot on.

Once you plan your trip, it will increase your odds of trouble-free travel by 98.56 percent. We may have made this number up. But what we didn’t invent is the essential need for you and your executive protection team to urgently develop a journey management plan.

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