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Gerardo Corona

Competencies and Executive Protection in Latin America

The thousands of people who are regionally dedicated to protecting others face a daily dire dilemma between their original security role and the administrative role that de facto is required of them. This article digs deep into competencies for...

The Wildcard of Security Driving: Run-Flat Inserts – Part 1

A high probability of survival to an armed attack inside a vehicle is related to how good you are mastering the four elements of the vehicle security quadrant (figure 1). Therefore, the more planning and training you have in...

From the Triangle to the Quadrant of Vehicle Security

Any risk analysis begins by setting the context, which leads to defining the criteria and the structures. That is how our safety relationship with tools and technology started. And vehicle security is an inseparable part of it. For example,...

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Strategy, Communication, and Maintenance

Executive protection, and security in general, are a blended, and operational sector. Just as no two principals are alike,...

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