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Mark Richards

Global Increase in the Convergence of Private Security and Government Security Operations

In recent years, the collaboration between private security suppliers and local law enforcement has seen a significant increasing trend, driven by various motivations. Many countries around the world consider the industry to be a “fourth” emergency service. Majority of...

Executive Protection Beyond 2023

I entered the security industry in 2007 as a police officer. Over the last few years I have noticed some positive changes. Not everything will change, there are a lot of basics that don’t need change, a few things...

The Rise of Close Protection in New Zealand and the Pacific

In 2014, while speaking with someone at an event, they laughed and asked: Why would anyone need close protection in New Zealand? New Zealand and the rest of the Pacific have often been viewed as an island paradise. Don't get...

Work-Life Balance in Executive Protection

In October 2017, I received a call to say I would be the advance officer (AO) to Israel and Palestine for a government visit. After starting my career in executive protection (EP), this was my first overseas assignment to...

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The Key Role of Private Security Officers

Over the course of their assignments, private security officers are not averse to coming across multiple types of employees,...

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