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Matt Mills

Protecting the Brand As an EP Agent

The safety, well-being, and reputation of the principal are the primary concerns of any good Executive Protection Program. Filled with routine, our days revolve around the principal’s schedule, from early wake-ups to meticulous planning and execution. Generally, working in...

About Me

Matt Mills is the founder of Performance Disciplines. Matt’s professional history has been devoted to service, with 15 years spent between protective services and the United States Marine Corps. During this time Matt was actively training in variety of martial arts and eventually found his passion with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he received his BJJ black belt from Eric Acha in 2023. Matt’s coaching philosophy emphasizes deep understanding of concepts, principals, strategies, and tactics.

Latest News

Ambani Pre-Wedding Security, Costs, and Considerations

In the first few days of March 2024, the world looked on at the Ambani pre-wedding celebrations that drew...

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