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The Use of Narcan in Executive Protection

With the rising number of deaths from opioids, there is an urgent need to expand the use of Narcan. It has become a vital tool in fighting an epidemic of opioid addiction. In addition, increasing access to this antidote...

Year-In-Review: Medical Advance in 2022 and More

As 2022 comes to an end, I've made it a habit to reflect on the events of the past year that affect or may alter my professional career. As a physician working in the emergency room and a medical...

EP Providers and Medical Emergencies — You Have No Backup

Imagine this scenario: You are accompanying your CEO on a private jet flying at flight level 33,000 feet. Your client looks at you and states he has chest pain and feels short of breath. At face value, this may...

The Medical Mindset and How It Benefits EP Agents

As the world continues down an uncertain path, the demand for executive protection and private security is rising. In addition, recent events have raised the bar of what is now expected by EP clientele. In fact, having more to...

Emergency Medical Services: The Game is Changing, It’s Not Just Security

In the last few years emergency medical services and hospital services are feeling the crunch of COVID. During this time Medical Professionals have been retiring or leaving the field secondary to the pandemic, and many clients are requesting security personnel...

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What To Expect With Private Executive Protection 

In today’s ever-evolving world, executive protection has become increasingly important. As organizations expand and operate in an environment with...

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