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Brazilian Mayor’s Security Detail Shoot Dead Armed Assailant

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The security detail of Brazilian mayor Ricardo Nunes shot dead an armed assailant on a motorcycle. The two security agents, São Paulo police officers, stood outside the politician’s home waiting to drive his daughter to school when two suspects pulled up to their unmarked police car and attempted to rob them.     

A Crime of Opportunity Gone Wrong    

Armed with a revolver, the two assailants attempted to assault someone who they assumed to be a defenseless female. The moment the robber revealed his weapon and aimed it to shoot at the police officers, the female agent opened fire. Her partner, who was inside the vehicle at the time, quickly exited the car to be of assistance.     

The motorcycle-riding accomplice involved in the miscalculated robbery; that left one man dead outside the mayor’s home on Wednesday morning, which police identified as a 20-year-old college student. Unfortunately, the accomplice remains at large.       

At the time, both the assailants were under investigation for another robbery.     

Security Detail Respond and React Quickly!        

Video surveillance recorded the moment the two-armed men appear and announce the robbery. As the female agent attempts to protect herself, security footage reveals one of the suspects drawing his gun at her. In turn, the agent responds with fire. Not to mention, the second assailant flees the scene.    

security detail
Credit to exploradigital_ on Twitter

Surveillance cameras capture the exact moment they attempt an assault on the police officers. Furthermore, as evident in the video footage, the female officer clearly escorts appropriate technical action in reaction to the unjust attack.       

The armed assailants saw this as an opportunistic attack on a defenseless woman. It is clear they were unsuspecting of the fact the agent is actually a military police officer with the training to react quickly to any unjust aggression.     

In addition, to protect their principal, their partner, and themselves as best they can, officers have the necessary skills and techniques to jump into action at any time.       

Remember, when push comes to shove, one needs to make fast decisions on the ground with no time to waste. That is all part of being both physically and mentally ready for the job. 

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