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Residential Security: More Than Just Preparing For Unwelcome Guests

As professional risk management consultants, we are often tasked with estate security for clients. This can range from providing a risk assessment and recommendations to providing comprehensive solutions for the property and those residing there. This can be both...

The Executive Protection Industry in 2021 – Tech, E-Learning and Upskilling

In an interview with EP Wired, Radoslav Savkov, a professional with almost two decades of experience shares his views on the status of the Executive Protection industry in 2021. Has the threat landscape changed in 2021? And if so, what...

EP Pretenders

By Jared Van Driessche and Christian West In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for a very long time, 2020 was the year of the pandemic. And guess what? 2021 is shaping up to be year two of the...

How To Get Started With Physical Security: A Guide For Startups & Small Companies

OK, you’ve gotten to the point where your organization needs to employ some physical security measures. Now, for most small companies, startups, VCs, foundations, and family offices, having to deal with security isn’t the most fun thing in the...

What I’ve Learned from an Active Shooter Crisis

Active shooter crisis’ strike without warning in many cases, or at least it would seem so. But warning signs of impending violence many times do precipitate acts of violence. As communities and industries attempt to cope with the risk,...

Covid19 and the EP Professional

As we all adapt to Covid19 and the new normal, I wanted to quickly highlight some of the positives of Covid19 for the EP professional. I am not an epidemiologist, nor do I pretend to know everything about Covid19....

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Ground Transportation Security: Preparing for the Unknown

Delivering ground transportation security services is a vital part of executive protection and international travel. It is the process...

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