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Robert Kaiser

The Drawbacks of Second-Hand Body Armour

I remember the conversation I once had with a fellow security professional vividly. We discussed the different risks and threats our colleagues and friends face every day they go to work. The increasing level of violence, the fact that...

Blunt Force: The Underreported Threat of the Security Professional

What is 'blunt force,' and what type of injuries result from blunt force impact? Please let me answer this question in the shortest possible way, without throwing some hyper-intellectual medical terminologies at you that I don't understand myself. So instead,...

Cut-Resistant Fabrics: Protecting Arteries, Nerves, Muscles, and Ligaments

It was on 13 March 2011 when my friend Craig Wylde was brutally assaulted. Having previously served as an Infantry soldier in the British Army, Craig ultimately became a prison officer at the Category A (high security) Frankland Prison,...

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The Key Role of Private Security Officers

Over the course of their assignments, private security officers are not averse to coming across multiple types of employees,...

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