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Staying Calm in High-Pressure Situations

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by WORLD ORGANIZATION AKITA INU. (@contactoakitainu) Keeping calm under pressure can test tven the best of us. But, it's important to stay in control if you are to seek the perfect opportunity to...

Kamala Harris Within Feet of DNC Pipe Bomb

Earlier today I joined @AnaCabrera discussing @CNN's exclusive reporting that then-Vice President-elect Harris's motorcade drove within several yards of a pipe bomb at the DNC headquarters on 1/6/20. https://t.co/VfiUx3Lka4 — Jonathan Wackrow (@JDWackrow) February 1, 2022 CNN report on how the...

Now Trending: Road Rage Gun Battle on I-95 Caught on Camera

As seen in the video, the driver is seen performing a maneuver that apparently disturbed the driver of another car. This driver follows him and approaches the first driver, throwing a container of water. The driver of the video...

President Macron got slapped while greeting the crowd

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by BODYGUARD WORLD (@bodyguard.world)

Assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II (1981)

Pope John Paul II was shot twice at close range by Mehmet Ali Ağca while riding in an open automobile in St. Peter's Square in 1981. Source: ABC News Australia

10+ Times Bodyguards Protected Idols From Dangerous Situations

  Throughout the years, a lot of K-Pop idols have been mobbed in airports, and some have even been injured in the process. As such, several fans have called on bodyguards to do a better job of protecting idols. Source: Kbiz88...

Celebrities Awkward And Funny Moments With Their Bodyguards

Stars and their bodyguards have a special relationship. Thre is no denying that. So, we at hollywoodbackstage, bring you some funny and awkward moments stars had with their bodyguards. Source: HollywoodCIA

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Interview with Patrick Kane: Navigating the Close Protection Conference

The Close Protection Conference stands as the pinnacle event in the protective security industry, drawing practitioners from around the...

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