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French Presidential Candidate Attacked With an Egg

In a shocking event, France's far-right politician and presidential candidate attacked with an egg. Several cameras caught the incident as soon as he stepped out of his car during a campaign trail. The footage reveals Mr. Eric Zemmour stepping out...

Situational Awareness and a Remarkable Save

Quick thinking that saves the little girl's life.

Shots Fired, Chaos Ensues as the LAPD Arrives

  Прикажи ову објаву у апликацији Instagram   Објава коју дели ⚜️B Y R O N R O D G E R S⚜️ (@byron_rodgers) Rapper Kodak Black among four people injured in a shooting in West Hollywood early Saturday outside a star-studded party,...

What It Means to Be Human

In recent years, there’s been an alarming increase in social polarization and unrest around the world. We see too many aggrandized, arrogant, proud, and greedy hubristic individuals who promise us the stars and deliver very little. As such, it seems...

One Moment of Carelessness Can Cost You Big

The adage goes: 'carefulness costs you nothing but, carelessness may cost you your life.' After all, when you work in security awareness, attention to detail and quick reflexes are highly regarded attributes.  What's more, try and never fall asleep on...

Staying Calm in High-Pressure Situations

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by WORLD ORGANIZATION AKITA INU. (@contactoakitainu) Keeping calm under pressure can test tven the best of us. But, it's important to stay in control if you are to seek the perfect opportunity to...

Kamala Harris Within Feet of DNC Pipe Bomb

Earlier today I joined @AnaCabrera discussing @CNN's exclusive reporting that then-Vice President-elect Harris's motorcade drove within several yards of a pipe bomb at the DNC headquarters on 1/6/20. https://t.co/VfiUx3Lka4 — Jonathan Wackrow (@JDWackrow) February 1, 2022 CNN report on how the...

Now Trending: Road Rage Gun Battle on I-95 Caught on Camera

As seen in the video, the driver is seen performing a maneuver that apparently disturbed the driver of another car. This driver follows him and approaches the first driver, throwing a container of water. The driver of the video...

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A Reflection on the Security Industry 2022

Looking back over the last year (or two), the biggest obstacle was the impact of Covid. Not just in...

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