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How Ivan Ivanovich’s Book Is Tackling Current Issues

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An American tourist has died in the crossfire in an apparent drug deal gone wrong at a popular Mexican beach resort in Tulum. The incident, which took place on February 9th, saw the death of an American tourist, as well as an alleged drug dealer. Prosecutors in the case have said that the American, Honarbaksh, died as a result of a stray bullet.

Unfortunately, this incident isn’t the first of its kind, as other tourists have died in recent years in gang-related crossfire in Tulum. Two tourists were killed back in 2021 while at a restaurant after several rival drug dealers began shooting at each other.

This incident, and many others like it, shows a growing need and gap for security measures and executive protection in LATAM. It’s precisely instances like these that Ivan Ivanovich’s book, Executive Protection in the 21st Century: A New Vision, tackles.

Ivan Ivanovich’s Book, Executive Protection in the 21st Century: A New Vision — A Summary

Ivan Ivanovich is an Executive Protection Specialist and author with more than 30 years working in Europe and Mexico. His book, Executive Protection in the 21st Century: A New Vision, deals with the outdated notions of security and how the old ways aren’t working anymore.

In fact, in Ivan Ivanovich’s book, he is advocating for a new protection method that favors discretion, detection, and deactivation of threats before they even arise. As one reader explains, it’s an excellent book for both civilians looking to learn more and protectors wanting to expand their skills.

What’s more, the book talks about the latest technological advancements, while staying grounded and giving real-world examples.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to pick up your copy of Ivan Ivanovich’s book. Executive Protection in the 21st Century: A New Vision is available in both English and Spanish.


“If you are a security professional, this book will undoubtedly be a gem, as it is very precise about what you should apply and it gives you examples and experiences of the author, allowing you to visualize even better everything that he is teaching you.”

                                     — Elizabeth Arcaya Wright

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