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Top Executive Protection Course Recommendations for 2024

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Are you ready to get into the exciting world of executive protection? Have you already been in the industry for a while and are looking to level up your skills? If you want to know the best schools to ensure you boost your skill set, we’ve come up with our executive protection course recommendation list for 2024.

Today, we’re breaking down executive protection courses for 2024, what they offer, where to attend, and what to look for. Keep reading to learn more!

What to Look for in an Executive Protection Course

When looking for the best executive protection training courses, you first need to find answers to some questions. Are you looking to improve your driving, shooting, tech, or communication skills? What are you hoping to take away from the course and how do you pick up skills best?

If you’re unsure where to start or how to go about finding the best executive protection course for yourself, here are some factors to consider. 

Curriculum and Course Content

The first step toward finding the best executive protection training course for yourself is looking at the curriculum and course content. Whatever skill you’re trying to learn, you should ensure that the course is comprehensive and covers essential topics for that skill. Some of the topics most commonly covered in courses include:

  • Risk assessment 
  • Protective driving
  • Emergency medical response
  • Surveillance detection
  • Tactical firearms training

Practical Training Opportunities

When it comes to developing practical skills in executive protection, having hands-on training is key. You should look for programs that offer real-world scenarios, simulations, and practical exercises. By combining practical training with theoretical knowledge in a controlled environment, you’ll be better prepared to face challenges in the field.

Accreditation and Reputation

You should always ensure that your training provider has the proper accreditation and is recognized by industry associations. The provider should also have a solid reputation in the industry and among their peers. 

You can also look for affiliations with reputable organizations, including ASIS International, the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO), and others.

Top Executive Protection Course Recommendations

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best executive protection courses for 2024 and their overview. Note that these recommendations are in no particular order and are just recommendations, not rankings.

Executive Protection Institute (EPI)

The Executive Protection Institute (EPI) was founded in 1978 and has a long-standing history of training professionals through its programs. Over the years, EPI has had thousands of trainees offering a wide variety of courses.

Those who attend the EPI training course can choose between several training program categories, including:

  • Executive Protection
  • Protection Firearms
  • Protection Driving
  • Defensive Tactics for Executive Protection
  • Protection Specialty Courses
  • Custom Protection Training Programs

At the time of writing, EPI is offering courses in May and October 2024, all taking place in Martinsburg, West Virginia. 

LaSorsa & Associates

A 9-day executive protection course from LaSorsa is a comprehensive program, developed and instituted by professionals in the military and law enforcement sectors. It covers topics including protective medical training, defensive tactics, evasive driving, and more.

However, if you’d prefer a course that requires a smaller time commitment, LaSorsa offers a variety of courses. If you’re looking for something to do in a day, you can choose between the 1-day Defensive Tactics Course and the 1-day Protective Medical Response Training Course. There’s also the 2-day Defensive/Evasive Driving Course, as well as the 5-day Executive Protection Agent Training Course.

Pacific West Academy

With 9 start dates in 2024 for the Certified Executive Security Specialist Course, training with the Pacific West Academy could be a great way to expand your skill set this year. The CESS program offers both classroom and physical training, and it’s geared toward employment in high-end security positions. These can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Executive Protection
  • Residential Protection
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
  • Executive Driving

The object of the PWA CESS is to help the U.S. Military Veterans transition from military service toward security and executive protection. There are countless classes to take within the PWA, which is a 39-day course, including Arrest and Control, Krash Combatives, Resume Writing, and much more.

Ronin Academy SA

Ronin Academy South Africa is a long-standing, internationally reputable Close Protection training provider, Est. 1995. Offering Emergency Care courses is ideal for Close Protection Officers seeking to be effective within Maritime, Aviation, and/or Hostile environments. Their main course covers the broad spectrum including Prehospital Emergency Care, Pedestrian Escort, Venue Security, Protective Driving, Conflict Management, Firearms and Operational Preparedness.

They offer multi-country validity for Close Protection Licensing (including the United Kingdom and South Africa).

executive protection course

Israeli Tactical School

An all-inclusive, 15-day course, the Israeli Tactical School is taught by ex-secret service special agents. It’s designed for those who want to develop professional careers as PSDs or PSS contractors overseas. 

The executive protection course focuses on teamwork, live fire day and night shooting, night vision proficiency, and navigation in hostile environments with extractions and medical evac. Graduates from the program will be eligible to apply for D, G, and Concealed Carried Weapon in Florida. The course is available in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Poland.

The League: Executive Protection Training Day

Enrolling in The League allows you to have lifetime access to training and support, as well as an invitation to join a private online community of EP specialists. Once complete, you will receive official certification and be able to create a public profile on their industry job search website.

With The League, there are different levels and modules you can complete, covering a wide range of topics and skills. The entire program is online, which means you can take it at your own pace regardless of where you’re currently living or working.


Galeam offers private security and civil protection training for security companies, corporate staff, and the general public. The program offers more than 100 courses and training and 20 workshops designed for people of varying skills.

If you choose the civil protection training course, some of the topics covered include identifying and assessing risks, first aid, fire fighting and prevention, and types and forms of communication in emergencies. 

On the other hand, private security courses break down topics including:

Ivan Ivanovich Executive Protection Academy

Offering both online and on-site executive protection training courses, the Ivan Ivanovich Executive Protection Academy has something for everyone. The online Team Leader course features 10 hours of training and participants get a certificate of completion. 

The Executive Protection Operational Course, which is on-site, tackles both theory and practice over two days. Also, there is the Early Warning Course in Executive Protection, which again, lasts for two days and has both theoretical and practical exercises. 

ESI Bodyguard School

The Hybrid Executive Protection Training Program from the ESI Bodyguard School can be completed as part of their Certificate Program or taken individually. It’s a great choice for EPAs who can’t be away from their homes or jobs during the program as many of the courses now feature video lectures.

The 16-day residency portion of the courses includes the Threat Assessment/Threat Management Plan. What’s more, it includes real-world simulated operations in the field, along with a Defensive Pistol Skills course.

Final Thoughts on Executive Protection Course Recommendations

Those were our top recommendations for executive protection courses for 2024. Of course, the one(s) you end up choosing will be completely up to you, the skills you want to acquire, and how much time you have to dedicate to training.

But we would love to hear from you, too! Are there any courses you’ve taken that aren’t on the list, but have helped you improve your skills? Let us know!

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