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Online Active Shooter Survival Training vs Training In-Person: Which Is Best for You?

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Active shooter survival training provides many benefits. First, it helps you better understand individuals most at risk of committing this type of offense so you can more easily recognize early warning signs. It also teaches you the actions to take that can increase your chances of survival should you ever find yourself face to face with an active shooter.

Some agencies like to engage in this type of training in person. Others prefer to take the course online. Which option is best for your agency, group, or organization? Here are a few factors to consider.

Your Group’s Set-up

More than five million Americans do at least half of their work from home. So, it’s not uncommon for businesses or organizations to have people scattered around the country, if not around the world.

In cases such as this, an online active shooter survival training program may make the most sense. This eliminates unnecessary travel expenses to get your group all in one location. It also reduces the likelihood that some people won’t be able to attend.

Online training may also be more beneficial if your company or group has multiple locations. This enables you to provide active shooter survival training to each location without having to arrange numerous training sessions.

Alternatively, if your employees or members are in one spot, in-person active shooter survival training becomes a more viable option. It may actually be more convenient because you already have everyone together in the same space.

The Size of Your Group

How many people do you want to be trained in active shooter survival? Your answer to this question helps reveal whether in-person or online training is best for your agency or organization.

If you have a larger group and want in-person training, this may require securing an outside room that is big enough to enable everyone to attend at the same time. Another solution is to split into smaller groups and have multiple training sessions.

Some groups have a dedicated person responsible for setting up these types of trainings. Those that don’t may procrastinate from setting it up, simply because they don’t have the time or energy needed to take care of the logistics.

Online active shooter survival courses negate the need to logistically plan for the training program. As long as each member has access to a computer, he or she can learn how to better protect themselves and those around them should they ever find themselves in the presence of an active shooter.

active shooter survival training

Smaller-sized groups, on the other hand, may find it easier to find a dedicated training space for in-person active shooter survival training. A meeting room can be used or even an open workspace that allows everyone to easily see the trainer.

Again, this still requires taking the necessary actions to hold the course. This includes setting up the space, ensuring the program’s media can be displayed, and more. If any of this is an issue for your group, online training makes it easier to provide the training without adding more work to your plate.

Training Room Availability

If your company or organization is larger in size, you likely have access to a training room that can be used for in-person active shooter survival training. An area usually designated for meetings can be utilized for this purpose or space normally reserved for other functions can be converted to a training room instead.

For groups that don’t have access to this type of space, finding a setting that will hold your entire group or staff is critical. This often involves reaching out to a local hotel or meeting hall to ask about availability and rental costs.

Online active shooter training enables groups without access to open rooms or space to engage in training without worrying about finding or renting a space. It also eliminates your need to ensure you have the proper set-up so everyone can see the instructor and any program-related media and materials.

Location of Active Shooter Survival Training Instructor

The instructor’s location is important is because this impacts how far he or she will have to travel to you. If the active shooter survival training course is located out of state, flight plans and hotel accommodations will need to be arranged. Even if the training company takes care of these arrangements, this will likely increase your training costs.

The opposite is true as well. If you have access to a local active shooter survival training program, the price of the course may be reduced because the instructor doesn’t have to travel to your location. Online training makes this whole issue irrelevant as the course can be viewed anywhere with a computer and internet connection.

Your Desired Experience

In today’s day and age, many people are used to engaging in online training programs. The internet increases access to many different courses designed to enhance your personal and professional life.

However, there are still those who prefer in-person trainings instead. They feel that there is more value in having someone physically present the materials. They like having an actual person on location to interact with in a more personal manner.

Your preferences in this area will help decide whether you want live active shooter survival training or if you’re comfortable enough learning the information online. Both types of programs offer great value, it’s more about what type of experience you feel is best.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re unsure whether in-person active shooter survival training is best for your business or agency, or if online training sessions make the most sense, our caring and professional staff is here to help. Together, we can work through all of the considerations to find the one that suits your situation and needs.

Contact us today or visit our website at https://activeshootersurvivaltraining.com/ to learn more about our ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training options.

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