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Michael Julian

Ethics and Standards in Executive Protection

Ethics is crucial in the executive protection industry. This industry is responsible for protecting high-profile individuals, such as executives, politicians, and celebrities, who may be at risk of physical harm, kidnapping, or other forms of danger. As such, the...

Series on Ethics ― Relationships in EP

They say, "No man is an island," which implies that we as humans cannot exist without interpersonal relationships with other humans. We learn how to make and maintain relationships growing up ― well or poorly ― from our parents,...

Greed in Executive Protection: EP Series on Ethics

Over the next few weeks, I'll touch on some fundamental ethical considerations for creating and maintaining your reputation as a competent and honorable protector. But, for now, let's talk about: Greed in Executive Protection. In the movie Wall Street, Michael...

We’ve Had Active Shooter Survival Training. Now What?

Active shooter survival training provides the tools and skills necessary to increase the odds that you'll be able to walk away from a vicious and violent attack with your life intact. For example, the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival program teaches...

Online Active Shooter Survival Training vs Training In-Person: Which Is Best for You?

Active shooter survival training provides many benefits. First, it helps you better understand individuals most at risk of committing this type of offense so you can more easily recognize early warning signs. It also teaches you the actions to...

Essential Security Considerations for Special Event Planners

A critical step in the event planning process is to evaluate and prepare for potential security incidents. Event coordinators are skilled in taking every detail into consideration, with one exception--security. Often emergency situations are left out of the planning process. Security...

5 Elements of an Effective Active Shooter Survival Training Program

People in the world today face many threats. Some of them are natural, like wildfires, earthquakes, and tornadoes. Others are biological, which we’ve learned all too well with the quick-moving spread of the novel coronavirus now known as COVID-19....

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The Key Role of Private Security Officers

Over the course of their assignments, private security officers are not averse to coming across multiple types of employees,...

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