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Executive Protection Online: Platforms and Benefits

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To nobody’s surprise, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a renaissance in online learning. E-platforms have become the number one resource for people wanting to acquire trades in a safe environment. Meaning, in the comfort of their homes. Because let’s face it, in-person training courses are increasingly hard to attend. So, if you’re a future or current specialist in the industry, you must be looking for executive protection online training.

We hear you, and we have something to help you with your quest.

But first, why should you attend online courses if you can just wear a protective mask and gloves and complete the training in-person instead?

We are glad you asked.

What’s Better: Online or Offline

There’s a multitude of reasons why more and more professionals, experts, and individuals are choosing web platforms as viable educational options. Some of them relate to convenience, since it’s easier just to sit in your comfy home than travel to a different city or country.

It’s less taxing on your wallet and your time. Then the COVID-19 menace hit us all, and we now have another reason for perfecting our skillset indoors.

Additionally, as a rule, executive protection online training is less costly than a residency EP program. And just because it’s an online course doesn’t mean that it needs no relevant organizations’ approval. Furthermore, you will have to be vigilant when choosing an online course and make sure it entails a completion certificate.

An absolute game-changer in this sense is the fact that online learning is self-paced. Unlike an in-person training course, where you have to push yourself to make it to the end of the lesson, online learning offers the ability to pause whenever. Enrolling on your own terms will make all the difference for your professional self-improvement.

Finally, as long as you have internet access, you get to choose the place for learning and apply unique learning styles. What else could you ask for?

Yet, it’s not all a bed of roses. There are some downsides. For instance, some people can’t focus on screens for extended periods. Others can feel lonely because there is no one around to talk to or have a laugh with.

So what do we think? Well, try to turn a blind eye to the negative sides and focus on what’s coming next.

The Most Attractive Online Learning Platforms

Various respected organizations offer training in executive protection online. The larger the number of companies you consider, the wider variety of training you find. Nevertheless, most of them focus on some essentials, and here are their core topics:

  • Personnel requirements and deployment,
  • Follow-up and limousine procedures,
  • Advance preparations,
  • Protective intelligence, hardware, and communications,
  • Protective techniques,
  • Protection while walking, in assemblies, and residential buildings,
  • Crowd control,
  • Handling stalkers and cranks, and,
  • Corporate executive protection and crisis management.

Since we are now more aware of what we can expect, let’s delve into the top online learning platforms.

executive protection online
Source: Illinois Concealed Carry Training

Shooting Classes

The number one on our list of executive protection online training is Shooting Classes. Built by the Trojan International Defense Group and Trojan Securities International, this course focuses on:

  • Executive and close protection,
  • Worldwide protection services,
  • Security and VIP driving, and,
  • Security risk management.

The instructor, Stephen Mastalerz, will break down the course into individual training modules. The organizers describe it as a unique opportunity to obtain internationally recognized qualifications for high-level protection. This training will teach you about things like personal escort section, satellite operators, and office security.

Additionally, it encompasses subject matters, such as introducing improvised explosive devices, basic counter-surveillance, and client travel security. If you plan to enroll in the course, you should expect a certificate upon completion.

As for the difficulty level, this course is intermediate, and organizers classify it as a security training seminar.

Executive Security International

Number two on our list of best e-learning platforms is Executive Security International or ESI. This security training organization has been conducting courses since 1980. As such, it’s the oldest intelligence-based academy working with executive protection and bodyguard training.

The State of Colorado Department of Higher Education has approved their courses, setting them apart from many other companies. Separated into different modules, ESI divides its course into several segments, including:

  • Asset protection,
  • Undercover investigations,
  • Internal security,
  • Profiles of terrorism,
  • Electronic security,
  • Operational intelligence, and,
  • Interviews and interrogations.

If you take part in ESI’s training program, you can expect state-of-the-art teaching and a wonderful learning experience. Furthermore, students receive an ESI Credential based on performance and not the presence in the online classroom. An additional aspect of their training course is that each student must pass team and individual testing in hard and soft skills.

ESI instructors will require you to showcase your understanding of the subject matter and practical exercises. You will have to demonstrate what you have learned.

SECFOR International

The third training company, SECFOR International, prides itself on offering the ultimate executive protection online course. The list of programs they have on offer or are currently developing include the following:

  • Route mapping for protection specialists,
  • Kidnap and ransom introduction for security professionals, and,
  • Reading and translating grid coordinates.

SECFOR International offers dynamic elements, including on-the-ground video walkthroughs. There you will observe agents engaging in the planning process in real-world protective environments. These include places such as Beirut, Los Angeles, and Ciudad Juarez.

Additionally, organizers say that they provide a formal educational program and not just talking-heads and tips-and-tricks videos. Their courses put you on the ground in challenging situations to go through advance work and an entire protective mission. It’s an all-inclusive experience.

Like with many other training pieces, these are also available on laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Just make sure you have a stable internet connection and zero excuses.


Within its course, the training organization AFIMAC examines executive protection from a practitioner’s viewpoint. That’s why their training is called Executive Protection – A Practitioner’s Overview. This course deals with how to select potential targets and the concept of remaining a difficult target to pinpoint. Furthermore, AFIMAC explores daily close protection procedures, such as agent formations, vehicular and residential operations.

As described on their website, the course covers:

  • Target selection criteria,
  • Surveillance and surveillance detection,
  • Counter-surveillance,
  • Route planning,
  • Security advances,
  • Emergency contingency planning, and
  • Practical exercises.

The training organization requires no prerequisites for its future students. Therefore, you can be at any level and still learn a lot from them. Moreover, AFIMAC pays a lot of attention to learning outcomes. And they award participants with personalized certificates only upon passing a final test.


Ultimately, whichever training organization you fancy, make sure to double check with them on the exact time frames and training details.

Finally, although it may seem that some courses are easy-peasy, don’t take them lightly. They can be almost as demanding as having to attend a course in-person. And nobody wants to do that now.

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