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Press Release: EP Wired Sponsorship

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EP Wired has been delivering top-notch industry news and articles for the past two years.

Now, we are happy to announce our sponsorship program to boost your marketing efforts and help you get greater exposure to clients and decision-makers worldwide!

If you have been enjoying our content so far, consider supporting our growing team of executive protection authors and marketing staff who make EP Wired possible.

But what would you be supporting, really? Here’s a quick overview:

  • Delivering first-class content to thousands of EP professionals, managers, firms,
  • Helping bring more industry voices globally, and
  • Professionalizing executive protection and close protection practitioners.

As a group of industry enthusiasts, we have dived deep into various security niches. In fact, our authors explore unique challenges and provide a 360-degree view of the EP/CP sector to the up-and-coming and experienced agents.

In other words, EP Wired is home to all things executive protection and close protection. But now we need your help to keep producing top-level content!

Reserve a Spot on the EP Wired Sponsorship Page

Countless security companies struggle to get more exposure or establish partnerships with others. Luckily, we can help with that!

EP Wired’s website is visited by more than 10 thousand unique users a month from all geographies — with 50 thousand page views.

Similarly, many hundreds of thousands have interacted with our content on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Likewise, a considerable number of visitors to our website and social media platforms include people from different sectors:

  • Corporate and business,
  • Government,
  • International media,
  • Pharmaceutical, medical, banking.

Therefore, publishing articles regularly on EP Wired exposes you to thousands of potential protectees, decision-makers, and their personal assistants.

But you may still wonder what’s in it for you — and why you should become our sponsor. Apart from giving you massive exposure to an international target audience, we also edit, proofread, and otherwise polish your work so that you can showcase your expertise to the fullest!

So far, EP Wired has helped dozens of security companies up their marketing game. And now, we would love to expand our list of existing sponsors

If you want to reserve a spot on the EP Wired Sponsorship Page, click here and get all the benefits!

The package includes your logo linking to your website in our website’s footer and header sections.

We thank our sponsors for their support:



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