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A Few Clowns Don’t Make a Circus: The Importance of Protecting the Protection Industry

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The Executive Protection industry is a fantastic industry full of extremely competent and professional men and women from all walks of life. Although the typical backgrounds of both Police and Military are still highly prominent, some of the most successful practitioners do not possess either background.

As the term ‘Horses for Courses’ goes, there are opportunities for all types of individuals out there, and some will fit better than others. It depends on several factors, such as requirements set out by the principal and the operating theatre, especially when we look at covert elements of protection where the agent/environment fit is crucial to the operation.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

You’ve probably read the title, and now you’re wondering when I’m going to get to the juicy stuff where I call out specific individuals for posting pictures on Instagram of them with their clients or selfies on the tarmac of the FBO with the tail number of the principal’s jet in the background.

We can’t forget the folks who live to tell falsified bodyguard stories at the family wedding or night out on the town. I’m sorry, but I won’t be discussing either.

I want to use this article to highlight the professionals of the protection industry. Those who do their utmost to maintain relationships and truly care about the bigger picture – the industry itself. The men and women who go the extra mile to help other practitioners and the mentors who invest time in the next generation for the greater good – those who seek Never Ending Improvement.

First Impressions Are Everything

Have you ever walked into a hotel to conduct an advance and introduced yourself to the Manager for him/her to say something along the lines of “We had another guy like you here last month. He was great! Very professional and a super nice guy. How can I help?”

That response is a whole lot better than hearing something along the lines of “I hope you’re not going to be as demanding as the last bodyguard we had here, he was so rude to my staff!” – Sadly, I won’t be the only guy who’s experienced this before.

I can’t explain how grateful I am to those who form positive relationships which develop into initial opinions of executive protection agents. Most people reading this will expect this type of behavior. It is expected, but unfortunately, it’s not always the case.

Less Talk, More Action

As humans, we sometimes seem to think we need to justify our positions by outlining reasons for why we get to do what we do. In my opinion, the best way to justify your position is by showcasing the quality of your work and the overall value you bring to the team.

A mistake that a lot of EP agents make is to namedrop by talking about previous work with other clients to build somewhat of a reputation within the space. Those working around the principal have more than likely been around their fair share of EP agents. Depending on experience, some might be able to gauge your experience level after a single interaction.

Those who are confident in their ability know their worth and do not feel the need to justify their position verbally to get ahead in the protection industry. They go about their business professionally, displaying humility and the willingness to learn from those around them. Again, Never Ending Improvement.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

As we move through this pandemic and global travel starts to open back up, we will see a significant increase and demand for protective security services. This is an excellent opportunity for new practitioners to get their start in the protection industry. It’s also an opportunity for the more seasoned practitioners to ensure that the industry’s reputation continues to improve.

Professionalism isn’t something that anyone can easily obtain. It requires constant attention and commitment to your craft. If you are unsure of your level of professionalism, ask yourself this simple question: Would you hire yourself? Once more, Never Ending Improvement.

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