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The Importance of Security in Nearshoring Operations in Mexico

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Nearshoring operations in Mexico can offer many benefits to businesses, including lower costs, shorter delivery times, and proximity to the US market. However, security can be a concern in Mexico, and it is important to take measures to ensure the safety of both employees and assets. 

Here are some of the reasons why security is crucial in nearshoring operations in Mexico:

Executive Protection 

Nearshoring operations do not take place in big urban areas most of the time. Many times, small cities are the ones selected for this type of industrial operations, especially those as close as possible to the Mexico – US border for logistical and cost reasons. These small cities may lack resources to provide an EP service the way we are used to in big cities like Mexico City, Monterrey, Tijuana or Guadalajara.

Planning the EP Detail from the moment the investment decision is made will make it possible to bring qualified EP agents (Bilingual and non-bilingual), special vehicles:  armored or non-armored, technology (GPS Monitoring, Emergency Response, etc) as well a proper protective and geopolitical intelligence.  Rely on reputable corporate security companies in the country for advice and support for EP, GPS monitoring and Emergency Response.

Employee Safety Duty of Care for Nearshoring Operations in Mexico

Employee safety is paramount for any business. In Mexico, there are concerns about crime, violence, and kidnapping. Therefore, companies must take steps to ensure the safety of their employees, such as providing secure transportation and ensuring that their facilities are located in safe areas.

Protection of Intellectual Property 

The theft of intellectual property is a significant concern in Mexico. Companies must ensure that their confidential information and patented technology are safeguarded against theft and cyberattacks. This may involve measures such as secure data storage, access controls, and periodic audits.

Supply Chain Security 

Supply chain security is also crucial in nearshoring operations in Mexico. Companies must ensure that their products are transported and stored securely to prevent theft, counterfeiting, and other risks.

Regulatory Compliance 

Companies operating in Mexico must adhere to local laws and regulations related to security. This includes ensuring that their facilities meet safety and protection standards, and that they are properly registered and authorized.

Overall, the importance of security in nearshoring operations in Mexico cannot be overstated. By taking the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of employees, assets, and intellectual property, companies can minimize risks and maximize the benefits of nearshoring in Mexico.

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