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TOP 10 VIP Bodyguards In Action

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  1. Trumps bodyguards handle a potential mob and protect their client.
  2. Public exhibition – exercise by elite protectors.
  3. Bodyguards protect German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, when naked members of FEMEN charged her on stage.
  4. EP agents display their skills in a mock attack on their client while getting in the car.
  5. Trumps is escorted off stage by bodyguards during an election campaign incident.
  6. Security forces demonstrate skills while protecting their client to a helicopter.
  7. Serbian Cobras demonstrate how to protect and extract the principal from danger in case of an ambush.
  8. Bulgarian bodyguards display their skills in case of an attack during a public appearance.
  9. Israeli bodyguards form a shield around their principal during an attack.
  10. Security team swaps vehicles and leads client into safety.

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