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Ben Affleck Steps In as Fan Attacks Jennifer Lopez

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Ben Affleck, who played Batman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League franchise, had a chance to be a hero once again when a fan attacked Jennifer Lopez in Italy.  Namely, the Hollywood actor had to physically restrain a man who wanted a too much to take a selfie with Lopez while the couple was returning from the Venice film festival over the weekend.

The incident happened at the airport. And before the fan attacked Jeniffer Lopez, he first managed to get past the couple’s security that formed a protective circle around the celebrities.

Footage of the Fan Attacking Jennifer Lopez

Images of the incident show a bearded man, without a protective mask, approaching the famous couple as they were making their way through the airport. He quickly succeeded in breaching their personal space, waving his camera about and shouting.

Reacting instantly, Affleck stopped the fan and pushed him – not too roughly, with both hands and kept him at a distance. Lopez, clearly shocked and surprized watched the situation unfolding in front of her.

Luckily, the situation did not escalate further since the famous couple’s bodyguards stepped in. The celebrities’ bodyguards restrained the fan, then grabbing him by the wrists escorted him a safe distance away.

Interestingly enough, this is not the fist time a fan attacked Jennifer Lopez. In 2018, the pop star ran into trouble when fans rushed around her in New York. During that incident, one fan, seeking an autograph actually struck Jennifer Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, on the head.

fan attacked Jennifer Lopez
Source: middleeast.in-24.com

Fans Attacking Celebrities

Of course, there are many dangers that come with being a celebrity. Indeed, many stars have been victims of stalkers, public humiliation, and even murders.

There is also quite a lot of cases of celebs being threatened and attacked by the people who are supposedly their biggest fans.

Ally Brooke Hernandez – The singer was making her way through a Mexico airport when a fan jumped out and grabbed her in an attempting to get a selfie. The fan almost dragged her away, even as security tried to intervene.

Gigi Hadid – While leaving a fashion show during Milan Fashion Week, a fan grabbed Gigi and picked her up. However, Hadid, a former volleyball player and boxer, elbowed him in the face.

Justin Bieber – In Rio de Janeiro, a fan climbed on stage, rushed through Justin’s crew of backup dancers and jumped on Bieber. But, security guards were nearby and quickly took control of the situation.

Miley Cyrus – In Australia, a fan jumped onstage and ran up to the pop star, grabbing her shoulder. However, a security guard immediately yanked the fan away before anything happened.

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